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Crocus bulbs

by Diane - August 30th, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

I’d like everyone to plant some crocus bulbs this autumn for extra spring flowers! Spring bulbs are a real treat for the eye after the cold weather to see bulbs peeping out of the ground and flowering so early in the year.

Crocus in 2 Barrel Planters 20 Bulbs £17.99

Spring Flowering Crocus Collection 100 Bulbs £16.49

Large Flowering Crocus 100 Bulbs £14.99

Crocus Sieberi Tricolour 50 Bulbs £11.99

Crocus in Barrel Planter 10 Bulbs £11.99

Bulb Planter £11.99

Spring Flowering Crocus Collection 50 Bulbs £10.99

Large Flowering Crocus 50 Bulbs £9.99