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by Diane - August 31st, 2012.
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New to the UK market and Exclusive to Mowdirect come Eco Friendly Greenworks. They cover everything from Lawnmowers, chainsaws, blowers, hedgetrimmers and edger’s.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower (25157)
Pioneering, revolutionary, however you say it, the future of mowing is here. Delivering a clean cut, with a clear conscience and all the cable-free power you need, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is an industry leading machine using sophisticated battery technology to produce petrol performance with emission free mowing. It is ideal for average lawns, up to 500M2 on one charge! Features are far from average, including the lightweight, but powerful lithium-ion battery, a mulch plug so you can compost your cuttings directly into the grass for a greener, healthier lawn, with a long running time and even longer usage time – plus an original folding handlebar system for neat storage. Charge it fast, use it, store it, pick it up and use it again. It won’t lose power in your shed. Battery and super efficient charger included.

Greenworks 40v 30cm Cordless Chainsaw (20087)
A chainsaw that offers you the freedom and power of petrol, with the clean energy and low noise of an electric, the Greenworks 40v 30cm Cordless Chainsaw uses market leading lithium-ion technology to deliver longer continuous running times, shorter charging times and power that won’t discharge, even in storage. An Oregon made chain and bar – a mark of quality- is fitted and the features on this chainsaw are very top-end on a machine that offers such great value. Tool-less chain tensioning, auto-oiler with level window, cushioned grips, and anti-kick back chain…this tool has it all. Includes battery and charger.

Greenworks 40v Cordless Trimmer/Edger (21137)
Landmark design and technology are at the forefront in this groundbreaking ultra lightweight, cordless Trimmer/Edger from Greenworks, the ‘no carbon emissions ever’ brand. This single nylon line trimmer is powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries that have short charge times, don’t leak power and run the trimmer continuously for 70 minutes. That’s 40% longer than conventional models. There is a rotating head for easy edging, which also pivots for cutting at awkward angles. The cutting diameter is 30cm and there is a variable speed – a great feature on this real value for money garden tool. Battery and charger are included!

Greenworks 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Twist Handle (22637)
Extra light, super powerful and designed for ease and comfort, the Greenworks 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer uses the power of lithium-ion batteries to trim for longer, delivering up to 30% more power than conventional batteries, with minimal charging times and no power leakage… even after months. 60 cm reciprocating blades deliver a long reach and a smooth cut while the operator works in total comfort thanks to cushioned, vibration-reducing handles and – a great feature in this price range – a rotating handle helps cut your hedge at multiple angles. Battery and hi-tech’ charger included.

Greenworks 40v Cordless Variable Speed Leaf Blower (24107)
Get rid of leaves and twigs at high speed without inhaling petrol fumes or becoming tangled in cables. The Greenworks 40v Cordless Variable Speed Leaf Blower works fast thanks to its hi-tech, lithium-ion battery, delivering a continuous run time of 70 minutes – 40% more than conventional batteries. It also offers a shorter charging time and no power loss, even when stored for weeks. A variable speed motor delivers jets of air up to 150 mph, clearing to detritus effectively and the low weight and ergonomic design make the blower very easy to manipulate.

Greenworks 24v Cordless Trimmer/Edger (21227)
No cables, no fumes, no fuss. This multi-faceted battery powered trimmer/edger will take on a wide range of trimming duties thanks to a pivoting head, enabling cutting on slopes and banks, also rotating through (90°) for edging. The revolutionary lithium-ion battery provides amazing power and flexibility with shorter charging times – half the length of some comparable models, and longer running time – up to 3 times longer than equivalent NiCads. What is more, there is a comfort handle, cushioned forearm rest, variable speed control and extremely low weight ratio. Battery and wall mountable charger are included.

Greenworks 40 Volt 4AH Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (29287)
Longer running, shorter charging and producing more power, this Lithium-Ion battery is what you need to charge all your Greenworks 40v cordless tools. It won’t leak power when not in use, you can charge it anytime even in the middle of a charge and it has a battery level indicator to let you know where you are in a cycle. Advanced, clean running and easy to fit and use, this battery technology is the future of garden tool power. NB: This battery will not operate with 20v or 24v Greenworks cordless tools, or with cordless tools from any other brand.

Greenworks 24v Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Twist Handle (22137)
Cut your hedges more quietly, quickly and cost-effectively with this ultra-lightweight and advanced trimmer from Greenworks, whose longer running, shorter charging lithium-ion battery technology delivers up to 30% more power than conventional batteries. Complete with 56cm reciprocating blades, cushioned grips and rotating handle for varied angle cutting, a surprising feature in this cost range. This lean, green trimming machine comes with battery & charger for clean power that won’t discharge between jobs!

Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower (24127)
Clear leaves, twigs and grass clippings cleanly and effectively with this technologically advanced cordless blower from Greenworks. This blower has built in operator comfort and no carbon emissions, powered by lithium-ion batteries with more power, run time and no power loss for fume free and cable free operation. It has a 2-speed motor – 90 and 130mph, with cushioned comfort-grips to reduce vibration and the balance, design and very low weight, 1.5kg, makes it very easy to handle and use. Battery and charger are included.

Greenworks 240V 46cm Electric Chainsaw (20037)
With all the power you need for making logs and cutting back branches, the Greenworks 240V 46cm Electric Chainsaw is emission free and quiet, as well as lightweight, well balanced, and safe and easy to use with a mechanical chain brake, safety switch, oil level indicator window and an anti-kick back chain and 46cm chain bar from the top manufacturers Oregon, for a wider, more reliable cut. Special cushioned grips are included for comfort and chain tensioning is tool-less and easy to carry out.

Greenworks 24 Volt / 2 AH Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (29317)
A fast charging, hi-tech battery with 3 times the continuous runtime of a NiCad battery, this unit will not lose it’s power in storage and can be charged at any point in its cycle with no negative effect, so you can top up when you need to without worrying. Low weight and easy to fit, the Greenworks 24 Volt / 2 AH Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery delivers full power all the way through the cycle with no ‘winding down’ effect.

Greenworks 240V 40cm Electric Chainsaw (20027)
Powerful and emission free from zero carbon emission experts Greenworks, with built in reliability from the famous ‘Oregon’ manufactured guide bar and chain, plus great features like an oil level indicator, tool-less chain tensioning with good balance and weight to power ratio, the 40cm chain of this high-quality 240v chainsaw will cut plenty of logs or prune and limb with ease using clean, mains electric power and can be used safely with the anti-kick back chain, the safety switch to stop accidental starts and an included lockable protective cover.

Greenworks 40v Lithium-Ion Battery Charger (29297)
This wall-mountable, lightweight and compact charger provides the juice for any Greenworks 40v lithium-ion battery, enabling you to quickly charge and run a collection of powerful, cordless garden tools. Delivering diagnostic information and letting you know when a charge is finished, the charger provides Greenworks batteries with clean power with no fuss and no bother. NB: This charger is only for use with Greenworks 40v batteries and will not operate with 20v or 24v Greenworks batteries or with batteries/products from other brands.

Greenworks 24v Lithium-Ion Battery Charger (29347)
Lightweight, fast charger for Greenworks 24v lithium-Ion batteries this charger is compact, wall mountable and very efficient, it delivers charging information and can charge any Greenworks 24v battery in a very fast time. NB: This charger will only work with Greenworks 24v batteries and won’t work with 20v or 40v Greenworks batteries with batteries/products from other brands.