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Tiny yard – what to do about a compost bin

by Diane - September 3rd, 2012.
Filed under: Composting.

I’d been to see a friend’s back yard and thought about what sort of compost bin she needed.
I hate the thought of weeds going to landfill when they can be recycled on site.

The yard only has small beds and not many weeds as there’s not much soil. It seems silly to have a massive compost bin when there are much neater options.

A very simple method is needed which involves putting the weeds under a sheet of cardboard on one section of bed (about 75 cm wide … or whatever size you can easily get pieces of cardboard…)
Put green weeds under it and then water the cardboard on top and put a layer of leaves/soil on top to hide the cardboard (and put a pot or brick on it to stop it blowing away)
A wormery would be good for just a few weeds and a bit of food waste though.
If you could find a big pot to go on top of the cardboard you don’t need to worry about hiding it. You’ve not got a lot of weeds to need anything more complicated.
You could just put them in a small layer without cardboard but cardboard encourgaes the worms to come up and deal with them quicker.
and stops them regrowing.