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Super ready pansy plants

by Diane - September 6th, 2012.
Filed under: Bedding plants, Jersey Plants.

Order now from Jersey plants direct – free delivery on all orders. Make sure you order the flowers for your winter bedding displays. Pansy flowers come in different colours and provide a great splash of winter colour for you.

Trailing Pansy 28 Super Ready Plants
Highly scented trailing pansyThis delicately coloured pansy is perfect for hanging baskets and patio pots. This winter bedding plant is a prolific flowering, highly scented Pansy that will bring an abundance of colour to your winter garden.

Scented Pansies Charity Collection 28 Super Ready Plants
Pansies in aid of Holiday for Heroes JerseyHolidays for Heroes Jersey is a local charity whose aim is to provide a week’s holiday on our beautiful island to any past or present member of HM Forces injured in mind or body whilst on active duty.These very hardy, scented Pansies are known for their exceptionally early spring flowering if overwintered. This Charity Pansy Collection will flourish beautifully in your garden. £3.00 from every order will be donated to Holidays for Heroes Jersey

Scented Pansy Collection in aid of Help for Heroes 28 Super Ready Plants
The help for heroes scented pansyWe pledge that for every collection of these beautiful Pansies sold Jersey Plants Direct will donate £3 to HELP for HEROES.The Help for Heroes Scented Pansy Collection is made up of dark blue, red and mild blue Pansies to represent the colours of the three services that benefit from this great charity the Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

Pansy Can Can 28 Super Ready Plants
The original and best ruffled pansyPansies are part of the Viola family. This beautiful ruffled pansy comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres. These pansies will flower from Autumn through to Spring providing a fantastically long flowering period. Pansy Can Can is the original and best ruffled pansy.

Pansy Cascadia (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants
Unique Trailing Pansy perfect for hanging basketsPansy Cascadia is a unique trailing Pansy that will look beautiful in your hanging baskets. The flowers are a mix of yellow, purple and lilac and will gently cascade over the sides of pots and hanging baskets.

Pansy Galore 28 Super Ready Plants
A prolific flowering pansy with a long flowering periodUnderestimated how many plants needed for your summer displays? These new late spring special “Super Ready” plants are grown to a more mature size for immediate planting. They are ideal for plugging those annoying gaps in your developing displays.Pansies are part of the Viola family. This beautiful Pansy Galore comes in a mix of bright colours with dark centres. These Pansies are prolific flowering bedding plants providing a fantastically long flowering period. Pansy Galore will bring so much delight through the cold and bleak winter months.

Pansy Golden Flambe 28 Super Ready Plants
Excellent winter performer with large flowers in warm coloursAdd warmth to your winter garden with this fantastic new addition to our Autumn range. This Pansy possesses large flowers in subtle yet warm watercolour shades. Pansies are renowned as proven winter performers.

Pansy Grande Fragrance 28 Super Ready Plants
Beautifully scented Pansies with large flowersPansies are part of the Viola family. Pansy Grande Fragrance is one of our favourite Pansies, available for sale in the Autumn and the Spring. The brightly coloured faces of these large flowers are also scented. Perfect for the front of your borders or in patio pots and containers and is an excellent winter performer.

Pansy Sherbet Dib Dab 28 Super Ready Plants
Sweet Pansy that’s perfect for pots and bordersNew to our Autumn range, this brilliant Pansy has large flowers with bright and zingy colours. Grown to look fantastic in pots and borders with fantastic winter performance.

Pansy Strawberry Rose 28 Super Ready Plants
Beautiful deep pinks and reds in this winter flowering pansyPansy Strawberry Rose has lovely large deep pink and rose coloured flowers. It will flower prolifically from Autumn to Spring.

Pansy Sweet Pea 28 Super Ready Plants
Ruffled flowers characteristics to Sweet PeasThese bedding plants have unique ruffled flowers and are ideal as cut flowers. They will need to be grown with cane supports and have similar characteristics to Sweet Peas

Pansy Zest 28 Super Ready Plants
Orange shades will bring bright colour to your garden all winter longA brightly coloured pansy with fantastic bright orange colour. Pansy Zest comes in a designer colour mix and has large flowers.

Pansy Oceana 28 Super Ready Plants
Bring cool blues and purples to your garden with this pansyPansy Oceana comes in a cool collection of blues, violets and purples – a designer colour mix. This Pansy will flower from Autumn through to Winter and brighten your view of your winter garden.

Pansy Butterfly 28 Super Ready Plants
Vibrant Pansy for fabulous early Spring colourAdd a splash of colour to your garden with these fantastic looking Pansies featuring flowers with butterfly silhouetted. A great early addition to your early Spring garden!

Pansy Baby Can Can 28 Super Ready Plants
Original and best ruffled pansy with smaller flower headsThis beautiful ruffled Pansy has smaller flower heads than the original Pansy Can Can and will add a whole new dimension to your planting schemes. Comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres which flower between Autumn and Spring guaranteeing a long flowering period.

Pansy Aquarelle 28 Super Ready Plants
A Pretty Pansy with Light Pastel ShadesThis beautiful variety of Pansy has pretty pastel shades and is a perfect addition to your autumn and winter pots, window boxes and borders.