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Greenhouse clips at amazon

by Diane - September 13th, 2012.
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overlap clipsGalvanised Wire Glazing ClipsGreenhouse clips at Amazon
Overlap Clip or Galvanised Wire Glazing Clips

Also they have Greenhouse Glazing strip and Super Alliplug Greenhouse Insulation Fittings (50) by Alliplug which are great for fitting bubble wrap as insulation to your greenhouse.

Autumn jobs for the greenhouse
– get the tomatoes to ripen!
Pray for sunshine, or try putting apples or ripe bananas in to produce ethylene gas which ripens them. Or look up recipes for green tomato chutney. Or try fried green tomatoes.
– empty everything out on a nice day
– wash down the glass
– clean all the pots in some jeynes fluid solution
– sweep out the floor
– do any repairs that need doing now.
– put shelves back in for using to grow things over winter and move in any plants that need to stay out of the bad weather.
– if you want to insuate then get clips and bubblewrap. It reduces light so it’s important to ensure the windows are cleaned.
– Enjoy!