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James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution

by Diane - September 14th, 2012.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Book + FREE SEED!
Buy James’ brand new gardening book today and get 6 packets of seed worth £11.10 from his brand new seed range COMPLETELY FREE!PRE-ORDER NOW! and we will send it to you as soon as it is released on 13 September 2012.In his new book, James’ shows us a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat. It is also packed with tasty recipes that you can make at home with the crops that you grow!You will learn how to harvest homegrown quinoa, your very own popcorn or plant a mini green tea plantation on your patio. This inspiring new book is great fun and full of plant wisdom. TV presenter and two times RHS medal winner James Wong shows that there’s much more to grow than potatoes and sprouts on your allotment.PLUS to get you going with your own Homegrown Revolution we will also send you 6 packets of seed from the Homegrown Revolution seed range (worth £11.10!) that we have developed with James.The James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution pack will include Hardcover book of Homegrown Revolution plus one packet each of the following seed varieties:Electric Daisy seeds – Tastes like: Watercress, black pepper, horseradishWintergreen seeds – Tastes like: Root beer & peppermintAsparagus Pea seeds – Tastes like: Fresh asparagus & garden peasInca Berries seeds – Tastes like: Gooseberries, kiwi, pineapple, orangeCucamelon seeds – Tastes like: Cucumber & citrusMicrogreen seeds – Tastes like: Oriental salad leavesThis would make the perfect gift for newbie growers to seasoned allotment veterans – in fact anyone who grows their own will certainly enjoy this fascinating book!.

Quinoa Seeds
Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.New trendy ‘superfood’. Just 10 plants produce up to 0.5kg (1lb) of grain! Grows well in cool, wet climates. The sacred grain of the Incas that’ll grow easily even in sunny Scotland. Tastes like: Couscous, nutty & slightly hop-like.Unlike wheat, oats or barley, quinoas ultra high yielding habit makes it one of only two grains (along with maize) that you dont need acres of land to produce a worthwhile harvest on – offering up to an astonishing pound of grain from just 10 plants! Sow: Mid March-April. Harvest: September-October.. Average Content 410 seeds

Inca Berries Seeds
Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.Very easy to grow. Delicious and ornamental. Individual berries wrapped in a Chinese lantern. The Incan delicacy that thrives on neglect, giving fresh berries right up until Christmas. Tastes like: Gooseberries, kiwi, pineapple, orange.Recognisable in patisseries or indeed many cocktails, these shiny golden berries, each wrapped in its own paper Chinese lantern, are one of the trendiest garnishes around. Also known as the Cape Gooseberry (although it originates from highland Peru), the golden berry, or simply by its genus name Physalis, these sticky amber balls have a rich flavour of ripe gooseberries with a hint of tropical fruit, followed by a pleasant bitter sweet aftertaste. Sow: February-April. Harvest: August-October.. Content 11 seeds

Nasturtium Gem Mix Seeds
Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.Flavourful and versatile salad crop. Crisp, peppery flowers and seeds.Foolproof to grow! Tastes like: Watercress, black pepper, horseradish.Despite being possibly the most flavourful & versatile salad crop that can be grown on our blustery little island, this exotic Incan vegetable has nevertheless been unfairly relegated to the flower border for over a hundred years.Yet give it a chance in the veg patch and it will adorn your beds with an almost inexhaustible supply of peppery leaves, watercress flavoured flowers and crisp caper-like seed-pods for literally months on end. There is literally no cheaper, prettier or easier salad ingredient you can grow. Sow: March-June. Harvest: June-September.. Content 25 seeds