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by Diane - September 14th, 2012.
Filed under: Spaldind Plant and Bulb company.

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OBESUM Tree with all orders at Spalding Bulb!

Adenium obesum is also known as desert rose. It is conspicuous for its fabulous
pink flowers which often have fanciful shapes. The flowers can reacuh up to
5 cm in size.

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Expires Wednesday 26th September 2012

with all orders at Spalding Bulb!

Create a Mediterranean ambience on your patio or decking with this fabulous
little olive tree. The dwarf olive prefers a warm, sheltered position and needs
occasional watering. The olives produced are a normal size and can be harvested
in autumn.

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Expires Wednesday 19th September 2012

Best Sellers/Special Offers

1. Botanical
Crocus Mixed (pack of 50) now only £5.95!

The marvelous coloured crocus are the earliest of all spring flowers. They
may look fragile, but they can withstand the severest weather. A weak spring
sun is all that is needed for the flowers to open up. Once these crocus are
planted, they can be left undisturbed for years without requiring any attention.



2. Narcissi
Perfect Match (pack of 10) now available for only £7.95!

The Perfect Match is a perfectly matched partnership of two different narcissi
(Narcissus) varieties, both of which produce very striking double crowns. The
narcissi are bicoloured. One variety is white with red and the other variety
is white with yellow.



3. Special
Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles
(pack of 100!) now available from only £8.50

During the day these pebbles absorb sunlight, which makes them glow in the
evening as it gets dark. The pebbles can be cemented into the garden path or
used to create a quirky effect in a flower pot. The pebbles have a diameter
of approximately 2.5 cm.