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James Wong seed collection at Suttons

by Diane - October 2nd, 2012.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

James Wong’s homegrown revolution features some interesting seeds.
Why not grow something unusual?
There’s a book that goes with this series too!

Asparagus Pea Seeds £1.85

Borage Seeds £1.85

Inca Berries Seeds £1.85

Chinese Chives Seeds £1.85

Nasturtium Gem Mix Seeds £1.85

Chop Suey Greens Seeds £1.85

Squash Flower Seeds £1.85

Cucamelon Seeds £1.85

Radish Mooli Seeds £1.85

Goji Berries Seeds £1.85

Musk Melon F1 Emir Seeds £1.85

Purslane Seeds £1.85

Quinoa Seeds £1.85

Popcorn Fiesta Seeds £1.85

Wild White Strawberry Seeds £1.85

Tomatillo Seeds £1.85

Anise Herb (Anise Hyssop) Seeds £1.85

Microgreen Herbs Seeds £1.85

Radish Rats Tails Seeds £1.85

Salsify Seeds £1.85

Callaloo Seeds £1.85

Dahlia ‘Yams’ Seeds £1.85

Eucalyptus Lemon Bush Seeds £1.85

Japanese Beefsteak Plant Seeds £1.85

Electric Daisies Seeds £1.85

Bergamot Seeds £1.85

Wintergreen Seeds £1.85

Queensland Arrowroot Seeds £1.85