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Got too much fruit?

by Diane - October 3rd, 2012.
Filed under: Using what you grow - jam and wine.

If you’ve made all the jam you think you’ll need for the next few years and still have a freezer full of fruit then it’s time to think wine!

Winemaking equipment online have an amazing array of items at Amazon. There are several homebrew shops at Amazon – Balliihoo Homebrew – has a great selection of equipment and ingredients like yeast, camdem tablets etc.

For most recipes you’ll need: a bucket, some sterilising tablets, a demijohn or two, bungs with airlocks, yeast, and some tubing.
There are tons of recipes about. If you don’t want to buy glass demijohns then you can use those big water bottles.
You can often pick up homebrewing equipment at carboots. I bought mine at one and for £5 got a huge amount of equipment including 7 demijohns, 2 beer buckets, and a big bag of equipment. It’s well worth having a look on carboots.

I’ve got some raspberry wine on the go, some mint wine and will be making some blackcurrant wine next!

Once I have honey from my bees next year I will be making mead! Compleat Meadmaker: Home Production of Honey Wine from Your First Batch to Award-Winning Fruit and Herb Variations

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