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Weed fabric or not?

by Diane - October 4th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Weed fabric or not?

We had many different approaches to starting off brand new plots on our site
last year.

One was weedkiller. Repeated. Reasonably successful and they have straw mulch
on some weeds now but managed to get lots of beds planted up and grow crops.

Another was weedfabric and raised boxes. Very successful in terms of no weeds
coming up. Although when ground has been uncovered since (creating more boxes)
the weeds have shot up again.

Whatever you use has to suit:
your budget
your gardening style
your time committment.

There’s no point in using a gardening technique you don’t have time for or
can’t actually afford. If you have limited time then any techniques that
reduce the hours spent weeding or strimming areas on your plot has to be worth
looking at.