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Bee Quiz

by Diane - October 11th, 2012.
Filed under: Bees.

A quick A-Z bee quiz for you.

A: A place where hives are kept
B: Prejudice for bees for all ages
C: Greek Bees
D: Boy bees
E: One of the types of foul brood
F: It is the basis of most hives
G: Lavrae’s central nervous system
H: A gel like honey
I: A gentle type of bee
J: Useful for prising things apart
K: A bee virus named after a place in asia
L: A reverend from Philadelphia
M: Type of feeder and frame
N: These bees will make you better
O: This type of honey granulates into a solid VERY quickly
P: Bee glue
Q: Supercedure or emergency are two types
R: the process of honey being stolen
S: caused by Morator aetotulas
T: Sometimes used for treating varroa
U: Joining two colonies together
V: … Destructor
W: Spheksophobia is a fear of these
X: This society advocates on behalf of bees
Y: Privet and hogweed have this colour pollen
Z: The Bristol one has bees