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what boots do I wear on my allotment?

by Diane - October 17th, 2012.
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I’ve got a pair of these.

I’ve had them over a year and half now and they’re still in very good condition. They’re waterproof, warm and easy to put on and take off.

Tuffa Splosher Mucker Boot

The bottom part is made of tough material that keeps the rain and mud out. The sole has plenty of texture too so you grip, and they adjust easily to do up over any size of socks. They are lovely to wear and I will be replacing them when they wear out in a couple of years with another pair.

When it’s too wet for these then it’s too wet to dig!
They are as waterproof as wellies for general use – so unless you’re planning on wading in deep water then they’ll be fine. They are good for keeping your feet warm and they are lined with fleece which makes them a real delight to put on.

The velcro straps might not make these the most fashionable boots out there but I know even when my hands are stiff and cold after being outside for a couple of hours in winter, I can easily undo them. They also come up slightly higher than other gardening shoes or boots which means they keep your ankles warmer too!

Good value, long lasting, comfortable boots for gardening and allotmenting in.