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by Diane - October 24th, 2012.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

Celery ‘Victoria’ F1 Hybrid (Self blanching) – 15 plants
Crunchy, stringless self blanching sticks. T&M’s easy starter plants are expertly grown, taking away all of the worry of raising your own. Delivered ready for planting so that you can enjoy bigger, earlier and tastier vegetables. Our quality vegetable plants will be despatched at the correct time for planting. Please note: Delivery is subject to plant size, adverse growing conditions during production may delay despatch schedules.

Celeriac ‘Monarch’ – 1 packet (200 seeds)
An autumn/early winter vegetable. Celeriac Monarch is an excellent, high quality variety which has very smooth, easily washable, creamy coloured roots. Easier to grow than celery and can be grated raw over salads, cut into slices and boiled, or into strips which are fried. T&M’s illustration shows Celeriac cubed and served with a walnut butter. An exciting dish which you too can create by using the FREE recipe, sent with each packet.

Celery ‘Victoria’ F1 Hybrid (Self blanching) – 1 packet (300 seeds)
Plants produce strong upright stalks that taste crisp, clean and succulent. Bolt-resistant holding quality a long time. The lightly ribbed stalks of Celery Victoria maintain an appealing vitamin-rich apple-green colour, changing to white at the base. Grows where traditionally difficult.

Cutting Celery – 1 packet (1000 seeds)
(Apium graveolens). Immature celery plants produce a clump of delicious, slender stems and leaves for cutting. Cutting Celery should be cut regularly to promote fresh growth, for use in summer salads and garnishes, or in soups and stews during the winter. Height: 20cm (8 inches).

Celery ‘Lathom Self Blanching’ (Self blanching) – 1 packet (500 seeds)
A heavy yielding variety with long stringless sticks of crisp tasty celery. Celery Lathom Self Blanching is reasonably free from bolting it can be sown earlier than other varieties and is also useful for growing in plastic tunnels as well as outdoors.

Celery ‘Tango’ F1 Hybrid (Self blanching) – 1 packet (150 seeds)
A self-blanching variety with beautiful apple-green, smooth stems with good flavour and texture for that all important celery crunch. Celery Tango has good bolting resistance and stands well during hot weather for reliable crops.