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Best value bird seed mixes

by Diane - November 8th, 2012.
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25Kg Ultiva Softbill Mix
For the ultimate high-energy softbill food, look no further than no-mess Ultiva Softbill Mix. Thrushes, robins and blackbirds will wolf down every scrap of this nutritious feast containing sunflower seed hearts, peanut nibs, flaked maize, rolled naked oats, raisins and now a good helping of Bogena, the super-rich softbill food blended with insects, oils, fats and minerals. Best fed on the ground.

25Kg Ultiva Feeder Mix
It’s the ultimate food for feeders! We’ve taken our proven Feeder Mix and replaced the black sunflower seed with sunflower seed hearts. Now you can have all the benefits of Feeder Mix – free-flowing, non-blocking – plus the DOUBLE bonus of higher energy for your garden birds and no messy husks to clear up for you!

25Kg Prem Sunflower Seed Hearts
The ultimate straight food, combining the highest energy content available with total versatility and ease of feeding. And because there are no husks, they leave no mess to clear up!

25Kg Ultiva Aromatic Wild Berry Mix
The perfect berry mix for your garden birds! Wild berries are an important source of protein and energy, especially as the weather turns cold. With a dash of aniseed this aromatic mix will prove irresistible to your garden birds. Loved by Thrushes and Waxwings, this mix can be used in a feeder, on tables or scattered on the ground.

Hygiene Bundle – FREE DELIVERY when you buy all 3, worth £3.99
1. Bacteria Clean Disinfectant – £4.99 At last, a disinfectant designed specifically for wild bird feeders and accessories. Our Bactericidal Cleaning Disinfectant simply sprays on, rinses off. Fully biodegradable, it kills all viruses and bacteria, including salmonella, and contains no harmful phenols. Ideal for feeders, tables, nest boxes, water bowls and all wild bird feeding accessories, it helps eliminate the danger of cross-infection. 500ml in a trigger-action bottle 2. Feeder Fresh – £9.99. This formula ensures your feeders are kept clean which in turn ensures healthier birds. The non-toxic granules absorb the water to keep the surrounding bird seed dry and mould-free. The biologically inert formulation will not harm birds or natural water supplies. 3. Onyx Seed Feeder – £31.95 It’s important to keep your feeders clean throughout the year but it can sometimes be quite a fiddly task. This fantastic new feeder make cleaning easy – just turn and click to remove the base allowing access to clean all the nooks and crannies that are otherwise tricky to reach – it’s brilliantly simple! Of course, you can also benefit from the sturdy desgin and attractive looks of all Droll Yankees feeders. Not only does the design incorporate the click-to-clean base, it is also high capacity, extra comfort perches and the Droll Yankees lifetime guarantee. Medium size 1.6 litres.