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Save your home from flooding – sandless sand bags

by Diane - November 28th, 2012.
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sandless sandbagsIf your home is at risk of flooding then this sandless sand bag might be what you need.

This has been the most horrific year for rain ever and yet more flooding has devasted homes across the UK.


Flooding is becoming one of the most common hazards in the UK with one in six properties now at risk. Just one inch of water can cause significant damage to a property resulting in costly clear-up bills and months of emotional stress.
To help combat the problem, Easy Innovations has launched QUICK DAM sandless Sand Bags and Barriers – a new lightweight range of sandless flood control barriers designed to enable householders to quickly and easily protect their properties against flooding.
An innovative alternative to traditional heavy and bulky sand bags, QUICK DAM’S contain a specially formulated powder that turns into a gel and expands inside the bag when it comes into contact with water – creating an effective barrier to divert water in just minutes.
Householders can easily store the compact QUICK DAMS for up to five years and when the need arises, they’re ready-to-use with the minimum of fuss. There’s no sand, no mess and no labour required. Simply place in the required problem location and the bags will activate and expand when required.
Depending on your requirement, you can pre-activate the bags, by covering them with water or simply let the weather activate them. If left in position they can last for several months. They are re-suable for up to six months and will shrink if the water evaporates and then expand again when re-exposed to water.

The black environmentally friendly QUICK DAMS are manufactured from a durable UV resistant fabric that prevents the bio-degradable inner gel from breaking down for around six months.

Multiple QUICK DAM sandless Flood Bags can be stacked to build a high retaining wall while the longer QUICK DAM sandless Flood Barriers can be laid across driveways, sheds, front doors and garage doors to divert water away.

QUICK DAM sandless Sand Bags are available in *12” x 24” bags retailing at just £49.95 for a pack of 6. The 3mtr QUICK DAM sandless Flood Barrier measuring 6” x 10’ retails at just £42.95. All prices are excl VAT

QUICK DAM sandless Sand Bags and Flood Barriers are available from most good Builders Merchants and DIY outlets or go on-line at

*Measurements calculated when products are fully activated.

For more information visit or contact Sales on 01227 712833