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Ultimate duck tape

by Diane - November 29th, 2012.
Filed under: New Products.

Mend greenhouseNeed emergency repairs after the wind and rain have taken their toll your allotment? Quick repairs that’ll last until you can do a full repair are essential sometimes – to stop a minor blip turning into a crisis! Tape up damaged polytunnels, tie things together and fix compost bin lids on with new ultimate duck tape.

New Ultimate Duck Tape is the perfect accessory for DIY enthusiasts and green-fingered gardeners offering quick, easy solutions for sticky situations this winter.
Ultimate Duck Tape is an extremely tough, versatile multipurpose cloth tape suitable for 1000’s of uses, making it an essential item for every garden shed, tool box and kitchen drawer.

Strong and super ‘tacky’ Ultimate Duck Tape is 100 per cent waterproof and temperature resistant, making it the perfect choice for projects and repairs indoors and outside when the weather turns wintery.

Ultimate Duck Tape is 50 per cent stronger than most cloth tapes. Durable and heavy-duty it will stick to almost any surface, providing a secure, long-lasting hold.

When bad weather is forecast, it can be used to make temporary repairs and patch, seal, reinforce, protect and bundle for a host of gardening and DIY tasks before you can make a more permanent fix.

Ultimate Duck Tape is perfect for jobs ranging from repairing a rip in a polytunnel, fixing a crack in the greenhouse window pane, securing loose guttering or supporting windswept trees or fencing in the garden.

Ultimate Duck Tape is incredibly thick and strong thanks to its triple layer technology, featuring super strength adhesive, toughened fabric and waterproof layers, yet it’s easy-to-tear by hand – so no need to search for the secateurs!

Available in silver, black, white and clear Ultimate Duck Tape is a must-have for either discreet on-the-spot gardening fixes or high-visibility applications.
Ultimate Duck Tape retails from around £7.98 per roll and is available from B&Q, Homebase and all good hardware stores.

For more information visit or contact Duck Tape on 01442 275311.