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Cabbage seeds at Suttons

by Diane - December 9th, 2012.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

Try a new variety of cabbage and enjoy something different!

Cabbage Wheelers Imperial Seeds
Dark green compact heads for use in April and early May, and in autumn. Spring maturing (36 weeks maturity).

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Merlin
A pointed cabbage that stands out from the crowd. UK bred, it holds well when mature, shows good resistance to white blister and, importantly, tastes delicious too. Average head weight 475g.

Cabbage Seeds – F1 Hispi
Vigorous grower. Tasty, crispy hearts. Ideal for organic growing.

Cabbage Red Drumhead Seeds
Solid, dark red, round heads of fine texture, excellent for pickling and for speciality cooked dishes. Summer/Autumn maturing.

Cabbage Niz 15-830 Seed
This superb variety has the look, feel and flavour of green pointed cabbage but its red colour provides visual impact when shredded in a mixed salad or used in other dishes. Summer/autumn maturing.

Cabbage January King 3 Seeds
January King 3 is a hardy drumhead cabbage with matures from December. Easy to grow, it’s perfect for steaming or stir fries.

Cabbage Greyhound Seeds
A favourite early cabbage, with pointed heads of excellent flavour. Sow under glass early February, or in succession outdoors March-July. Summer/Autumn maturing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Cabbage F1 Winterjewel Seed
Produces evenly sized, smooth, dark leaved greens as a spring green or, if allowed to heart, will eventually form compact 250g (8oz) loose heads. Superb winter hardiness and has excellent flavour and bolting resistance. Spring maturing (36 weeks maturity).

Cabbage F1 Samantha Seeds
A compact-growing cabbage that is ideal for growing where space is limited. The leaves are well-wrapped and the flavour is excellent.

Cabbage F1 Rubeny Seeds
A first-rate cabbage, producing a good crop of large ‘pointed’ heads with a superb sweet taste, from summer into autumn. Summer/autumn maturing type.

Cabbage F1 Romanov Seeds
Ideal for those after a high quality summer/autumn red cabbage, boasting a round head shape and deep red colour. Can also be grown closer together to produce baby cabbages. Summer/autumn maturing.

Cabbage F1 Minicole Seeds
A compact, uniform Dutch White cabbage maturing in early autumn from a sowing in April. The heads stand in condition for a remarkably long period, and are of an ideal size for smaller families. Summer/Autumn maturing. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Cabbage F1 Kilaxy Seeds
Kilaxy is a top quality late summer/autumn cabbage of the round headed Dutch White type, with solid compact heads of around 2kg in weight, which both stand and store well. Excellent thin leaved, dense internal structure.

Cabbage F1 Hispi Seeds
Medium-sized compact pointed heads of delicious flavour. Quick maturing and ideal for close spacing. Sow October under glass for transplanting January under frames. Sow early February under glass for June cutting, or March-July outdoors. Spring/Autumn maturing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Cabbage F1 Candisa Seeds
A really reliable, sweet tasting cabbage, with a good internal structure and short core (which means you get more usable leaves!). Can also be spaced closely and grown as a ‘baby’ cabbage.

Cabbage Derby Day Organic Seeds
A quick early summer cabbage that resists bolting and holds well.

Cabbage April Seeds
Compact, uniform habit, and small to medium-sized dark green pointed heads which mature early. Ideal for close spacing. Spring maturing (36 weeks maturity).

Cabbage (Savoy) Ormskirk (1) – Rearguard Seeds
Ormskirk 1 is a classic, tasty Savoy cabbage producing medium-sized round heads. Very hardy, it’s a favourite for use from Christmas.

Cabbage (Savoy) F1 Traviata Seeds
A compact, round, dark green savoy, with excellent flavour, good frost tolerance and high disease tolerance. Extend the season with successional sowings. Recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Cabbage (Savoy) F1 Serpentine Seeds
A first-class cabbage for summer/autumn harvest, producing medium to large green heads with good over-wrapping leaves. Grow at reduced spacing for ‘baby’ heads. Round savoy type.