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Pruners & Pouch

by Diane - December 10th, 2012.
Filed under: New Products.

Briers’ Pruner & PouchBriers’ new Pruner & Pouch

This is a wonderful item that gardeners will find really useful. Pruning is a chore gardeners have to do. Whether it’s to ensure proper fruiting, to make plants healthy, or to trim off damaged branches it’s essential that every gardener has a pair of secatuers to prune with.

But where do you put them when you’re in the garden? You can start off with them in your pocket, but you’ll find that you need all the pockets you can get for packets of seeds, string, gloves and other bits and bobs. Even if you put them in a pocket it’s a bit of a faff usually so you start putting them down on the ground and then you move away and you spend ages looking for them again – or worst forget them until after a shower of rain and discover they need some serious TLC.

If only there was some way of stopping you putting them down – that’d be pretty tremendous for the more forgetful gardener; this is where the pruner & pouch comes in. Simply fix the pouch to your belt – it’s got a press stud on so you don’t have to undo the belt to add or remove the pouch. The pouch then hangs like a holster and in it is a pair of pruners! They’re very nice pruners too with soft easy to hold handles. I reviewed the pink set which has pink handles on the pruners as well as a pink pouch!

It’s got three pockets – the one for the pruners, one on the front designed to take a smart phone and a thinner long pocket that you can put plant labels in and a pen! This means you’ll find this useful for so many different reasons! Through the season this will be your must have garden accessory. The pruner pocket is deep enough that the tool won’t fall out when you’re crouching or bending over.

The phone pocket will take most smart phones – the iphone fits in easily. This means you’ll always have your phone to hand with you in the garden and you’ll be able to get it easily. The rugged Velcro closer means your phone will stay safe too!

The pruners have a safety clip on and it’s easy to get in to the swing of taking them out, popping the safety clip off, doing some trimming and then easily closing, locking and replacing the pruners in the pouch. This makes light work of the trimming and saves you having to find anything to put them on whilst you make adjustments to the plant to arrange ties on the plant.

The pruners are great! They have a traditional style parrot beak which allows for easy cutting, with the narrow end useful for getting in between stems to cut just the oens you want. They’re a nice weight to hold and use for a while too – not too heavy and the easy grip material on the handle makes them easy to hold.
The pouch is made of a hard wearing material that should be easy to keep clean too which is essential for gardeners! Once you’ve put it on you’ll quickly forget about it being separate and will treat it like an extra pocket! A very useful extra pocket at that!

This pruner & pouch set is a wonderful invention – one that I am sure many gardeners will love! It’s available in pink or black too. Highly recommended as a gardener’s gift! Briers’ Pruners & Pouch is available to buy online.