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Root trainers

by Diane - December 21st, 2012.
Filed under: Harrod Horticultural.

I’ve got a small set of these. They allow great long chunks of roots to grow making for better plants. Great for peas and sweetpeas!

Rootrainers Provide The Best Growing System For Seeds, Plugs And Cuttings By Way Of The Deep Ribbed Cells Which Help Seedlings Develop Strong, Fibrous Root Systems.the Unique Open-bottomed Design Of The Cells Allow Earlier Root Tips To Make Contact With The Air And Die Off, Which Are Replaced By Fresh Young Roots. The Re-usable Cells Hinge Open To Allow Easy Removal Of The Plant, With No Root Disturbance, Ready For Transplanting.available In Two Sizes; Deep (12cm Deep, 32 Cells), Rapid (8cm Deep, 32 Cells)deep And Rapid Rootrainers Consist Of 2 Trays Of 32 Cells And 2 Clear Propagating Lids – Giving A Potential 64 Plantsdeep Rootrainers Ideal For Beans, Sweet Peas And Strawberries And Other Deep Rooting Plantsrapid Rootrainers The Choice For Salad Crops, Bedding Plants And All Annuals Not Requiring Deep Rooting Spacere-useable Cells Simply Hinge Open To Allow The Plant To Be Removed Without Damaging The Rootssee Our Extra Value Twin Packs And Save £2

Rootrainer Racking System
Designed To Be Used With rootrainers™, The Rootrainer Racking Station Is A Must Have For Experienced Seed Sowers And The Perfect Starting Point For Complete Novicesthe Rack Will Hold 8 Deep Or Rapid Rootrainers™ And Make A Great Deal Of Difference In The Greenhouse, In Polytunnels, Conservatories Or Patios – Anywhere Where Space Is Limited. Keeping Sets Of Rootrainers Above Ground, Enhances The Rootrainers™ Unique Air Pruning Qualities. Storing Them Like This Will Also Allow For Easier Sowing, Watering And Tending, Especially Useful If You Want To Reduce The Amount Of Bending Over In The Garden.neat, Lightweight, And Easy To Assemble The Racking Station Is Easy To Store Until Your Next Round Of Seed Sowing. designed To Hold 8 Packs Of Rootrainers™ (available Separately)space Saving Designeasy To Assemble87cm W X 78cm H X 39cm D