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Hedge for all seasons

by Diane - December 28th, 2012.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

A great mix of hedge plants suitable for year round interest.

Hedge Four Season Collection
This superb collection comprises four varieties to give colour and contrast from winter through to autumn. Bright red and yellow flowers, blue berries and colourful foliage are just some of the features that will make this hedge so special! Collection contains 10 plants:Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica Purpurea) – A decidous tree with luxurious-looking glossy purple leaves that turn copper-brown in autumn. Height 5m+. Pack of 4 plants.Japanese Quince (Chaenolmeles superba) – A tough, hardy decidous shrub producing fantastic bright red blooms. Flowers March-May. Height 1m. Pack of 2 plants.Mahonia aquifolium – An evergreen shrub producing scented yellow flowers that are loved by bees and insects, followed by bright blue berries in autumn. Flowers January-April. Height 1m. Pack of 2 plants.Viburnum opulus – A hardy decidous shrub bearing clusters of snow-white lacecap-type flowers in spring and summer, followed by vivid red berries in autumn. Flowers May-June. Height 5m. Pack of 2 plants. BUY ANY 2 HEDGE COLLECTIONS AND SAVE £10.00!There’s nothing nicer than to watch the seasons pass with the changes that take place in a living hedge. Hedges provide privacy, shade, protection from the wind, and guard against soil erosion. Some good reasons to grow a hedge: some provide beauty and interest throughout the seasons, some make the perfect partner to spring bulbs, some create a rich tapestry of texture and others are deliciously scented! These hedges can be left to grow free, or kept neatly trimmed – the choice is yours!