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Things in your garden that annoy your neighbours

by Diane - January 8th, 2013.
Filed under: General Gardening.
  1. Noise
    Probably the easiest way to disturb your neighbours is to be noisy in your
    garden. Whether it’s the sound of kids playing, a non-stop waterfall, or the
    sound of windchimes, or a lawnmower doesn’t matter. They can all annoy. Often
    it’s the starting time and duration that cause the problems.
    Lawns need mowing and kids need to play out and get fresh air.
    If it’s a reasonable time then it’s fine – just take into account other people
    might not get up at the crack of dawn, or they might go to bed earlier than
  2. Bonfires
    Another hellish thing you can do to your neighbour is light a bonfire. Do
    it whilst they’ve got washing out and you’ll be doubly unpopular. If its a
    hot sunny day then it’s just plain mean to light a fire.
  3. Rubbish in your garden
    If your garden looks like steptoe’s yard then you might upset your neighbour.
    But it’s your garden and as long as it’s not a rat haven or health hazard
    there shouldn’t be any issue. They should stop looking!
  4. Frequent loud parties
    If you’re a party animal and love to party all night long then being out in
    your garden might seem really nice. It might be driving your neighbour mad
    though. Invite them and don’t stay outside too late as sound travels much
    more at night and you’ll be unpopular!
  5. Wild plants and weeds
    If your garden is creeping into theirs then they might not be happy. They’re
    allowed to prune anything that overhangs and pass it back to you.