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Growing carrots

by Diane - January 18th, 2013.
Filed under: Dobies.

Match the carrot seed to your soil.

Long root carrots like Nantes need a good depth of sandy stone free soil.
Shorter growing ones including golf ball type are more suited to heavier soils.

They like a nice fine soil with no lumps, stones or manure pieces in. Things in the soil will cause carrots to grow funny to avoid them. Last year’s manure will provide enough nutrients – but make sure it’s finely broken down for best roots.
Leaf mould that is well rotted can be added to containers or soil to help create a lovely bed for carrots. Some people add sand to the soil.

Thinly sow carrot seed. Thin carrots out when they start to appear. If they are too densely packed they become more twisty and you don’t get good carrots. 5cm apart is enough. Keep them weed free too so there’s less competition for water, soil and light.

Use fine mesh to avoid carrot fly. Some people intersperse the carrots with onions or chives to hide the smell.

Harvest and enjoy!

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