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Squash plants at T&M

by Diane - January 21st, 2013.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

Squash ‘Barbara Butternut’ F1 Hybrid (Winter) – 1 packet (5 seeds)
Trailing. ‘ Unique introduction in the butternuts. ‘ Squash Barbara Butternut has a rich orange, delicious tasting flesh with an unusual striped green skin. ‘

Squash ‘Orange Queen’ F1 Hybrid (Winter) – 1 packet (4 seeds)
Vigorous trailing plant habit, a ‘kabocha’ type with rich orangeskinned, flattened globe-shaped fruits with sweet orangey yellow flesh. ‘ Good crop of 1. ‘5kg (3lb) fruits which store well over a long period. ‘

Squash ‘Waltham Butternut’ (Winter) – Duchy Originals Organic Seeds – 1 packet (8 seeds)
This variety of Squash Waltham Butternut from Duchy Originals produces attractive tan coloured fruits with sweet, creamy yellow flesh. ‘

Squash ‘Crown Prince’ F1 Hybrid (Winter) – 1 packet (5 seeds)
Enjoy the sweet and nutty taste of one of the most popular and reliable winter squashes. ‘ Renowned for its eating and long storage qualities, the trailing plants produce attractive steely-blue-skinned, round, flattened fruits of 3-4kg (6. ‘5-8. ‘5lb) fruits with rich orange flesh. ‘

Squash ‘Hasta La Pasta’ F1 Hybrid – 1 packet (8 seeds)
A major improvement on the old spaghetti squash, Squash Hasta La Pasta offers appealing, deep orange flesh with a sweeter flavour. ‘ Extract the ‘spaghetti’ flesh from each boiled fruit to experience a very unusual vegetable. ‘ Squash Hasta La Pasta produces generous yields of pale orange-skinned fruits of up to 1kg (2. ‘2lbs). ‘

Squash ‘Patty Pans Scallop Mixed’ (Summer) – 1 packet (25 seeds)
(Bushy) The vigorous plants of Squash Patty Pans Scallop Mixed produce a colourful mix of tasty ‘Patty Pan’ scalloped fruits. ‘ Harvest throughout the season at various sizes from ‘baby squash’ for eating raw to its mature size of 15-20cm (6-8in) across. ‘

Squash ‘Harrier’ F1 Hybrid (Winter) – 1 packet (10 seeds)
Bushy. ‘ An outstanding early British-bred Butternut squash. ‘ In T&M’s trials Squash Harrier F1 was the quickest to ripen, and was ready to harvest approximately 95 days from sowing. ‘ The bushy plants of Squash Harrier have an open habit allowing the sun to ripen fruits naturally on the plant giving added sweetness. ‘ Pear shaped fruits weigh 800g (1¾lb). ‘ 4 to 5 fruits per plant, with excellent long storage at 10C. ‘

Squash ‘Turk’s Turban’ (Winter) – 1 packet (10 seeds)
Trailing. ‘ Stunning colour of fruit with a distinctive shape, each fruit of Squash Turk’s Turban has its own cap on top making it a popular choice for ornamental autumn displays. ‘ Fruits have an excellent flavour for roasting, baking, as a steamed vegetable or used in soups. ‘

Squash ‘Potimarron’ (Winter) – 1 packet (10 seeds)
Trailing. ‘ A famous French heirloom, the name of Squash Potimarron derives from potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). ‘ Squash Potimarron is one of the very best for baking and roasting, fruits reach 1. ’25-1. ’75 kilos (3-4lbs) in weight with an aromatic chestnut like taste. ‘ Good for storage. ‘

Squash ‘Autumn Crown’ (Winter) – 1 packet (10 seeds)
New from British breeding, an easy-to-grow, early-maturing variety, well suited to our summers. ‘ The flattened round-shaped fruits combine the attractive skin colour of a Butternut with the shape of Crown Prince. ‘ An average of 5 fruits per plant, each weighing 1. ‘5kgs (approx 3lbs) develop on semi trailing vines. ‘ Fruits have a rich orange flesh with a ‘melon aroma’, and a small seed cavity. ‘ Stores well. ‘

Squash ‘Golden Hubbard’ – Heritage – 1 packet (15 seeds)
Hubbard squash have excellent, fine-grained, thick golden yellow flesh with a sweet flavour to match. ‘ The rather warted skin is a rich orange. ‘ Fruit weight average 3. ‘5-4kg (7-8 lb). ‘ Very long storage over winter in a cool place indoors at 10C (50F). ‘