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Leek seeds

by Diane - January 22nd, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

In case you want to grow your own leek plants for transplanting out
Easy to grow from seed. Start in February (or earlier!)

Leek Neptune Seeds
An impressive leek producing flavoursome white stems that are ready to harvest from November to January. Shows good winter hardiness and resistance to rust.

Leek Lyon – Prizetaker Seeds
Recommended. Long, thick, pure white stems of mild flavour. Excellent for exhibition if sown in January under glass.

Leek F1 Sprinton Seed
This top quality hybrid produces good crops of delicious leeks with very long, pale green shanks. Shows good resistance to rust.

Leek Seeds – Musselburgh
Good length, tasty white stems.

Leek Swiss Giant Zermatt Seeds
A dual-purpose leek, for baby or full-size harvest. Pulled young it makes a good milder alternative to spring onions. Salad type.

Leek Seeds – Atal
Mild variety. Easy to grow. For salads, steaming or stir fry. Baby type.

Leek Winter Atlanta Organic Seed
Delicious, long white shanks and dark blue-green leaves.

Leek Autumn Giant 3 Albana Seeds
A top quality leek for a long season of production, giving high yields of flavoursome, medium-sized stems averaging 20-23cm (8-9) in length with little or no bulbing. It also stands extreme weather conditions remarkably well.

Leek Musselburgh Seed Tape
Musselburgh is a tasty white leek that’s delicious in soups or stews, as a boiled vegetable or in stir fries. Very hardy, good length – and very tasty! (250 seeds) Do you have trouble handling small seed and getting an even distribution? Sometimes it’s not easy when the seed is the same colour as the soil! When the seedlings emerge, do you find thinning them out a real chore?If the answer is yes – then Suttons Groweasy Seed Tapes are just the thing for you.Pre-spaced seed in a tape – less thinning out! 5m (161/2′) of bio-degradable tape per pack.Simply prepare your soil, draw out a groove, roll out your tape, cover with soil, water well and watch your seedlings grow!

Leek F1 Striker Seeds
A high quality, heavy cropping leek. The full-flavoured leeks boast long shanks and stand well in the garden without running to seed.

Leek F1 Carlton Seeds
Of exceptional taste, vigour and quality, producing early crops with little waste and no bulbing, that require minimal cleaning. Germination is high and rapid and yields are large. The stems themselves are long, straight, smooth and delicious! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Leek Seeds – Musselburgh
Good length, tasty white stems. ‘FOURFOLD’ PACKET.