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Thrown off his plot

by Diane - January 23rd, 2013.
Filed under: allotment.

Mr Carcamo who was in the BBC’s allotment wars left his plot in the end after his committee didn’t take his rent payment from him.

Here’s the stories from the press
Hands off my pumpkin patch! Grower’s fury as he claims jealous allotment owners are hounding him off plot because of his massive crop

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Original story – committee members from the Stotts Lane Allotments, in Failsworth, have issued an eviction notice because they are envious of the quality of the soil on his patch

The council originally intervened in his first eviction from his allotment

All the photos – from the first story show him with pumpkins which he’s grown on his plot! How can he not have tended it if he’s grown such good pumpkins?