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by Diane - January 28th, 2013.
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Firestorm seeds now only 49p. The first scarlet flowered runner bean that is completely self-fertile.
Harvest these all Jult to October. Should provide you with lots of delicious runner beans. I love them lightly cooked and served with pasta and a swirl of pesto!

Runner Bean ‘Firestorm’ – 1 packet (40 seeds)
‘Firestorm’ is the first scarlet-flowered runner bean that is completely self fertile. ‘ Producing a good crop of stringless beans which are slightly thicker, slightly sweeter and more tender than other varieties. ‘ And the flowers are an attractive bonus. ‘

Runner Bean ‘Snowstorm’ – 1 packet (40 seeds)
The white-flowered counterpart of ‘Firestorm’, this tasty variety comes from the same British breeding programme of ‘self-setting’ beans. ‘ ‘Snowstorm’ shows a higher percentage of ‘self setting’ and a larger pod than ‘Moonlight’. ‘