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Poached egg plant

by Diane - January 28th, 2013.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

Insects love this plant so its well worth including in your garden!

Limnanthes douglasii – RHS Garden Explorers Children’s Seeds – 1 packet (100 seeds)
I am a bright little plant that looks just like fried egg. ‘ I am easy to grow and will produce hundreds of flowers all through the summer. ‘ Height: 15cm. ‘Why Not . ‘. ‘. ‘ draw this pretty flower and see if you can name the different parts? Petal, Sepal, Anther and Stigma. ‘ The Garden Explorers website will help you. ‘

Limnanthes douglasii – 1 packet (150 seeds)
The Fried Egg or Poached Egg plant will attract hoverflies to your garden to beat the aphids. ‘ Bees also love this low, spreading carpet of fragrant golden and white blooms that will grace the front of the border, rockery or path edging. ‘