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Prison Land to become Allotment land!

by Diane - January 30th, 2013.
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Fab news =- prison land to be allotment land

Land near a Sheppey prison is to be opened up to the public so the community can grow sustainable food.

The Ministry of Justice is drawing back its boundaries in Eastchurch, making acres of space available for the benefit of people on the Island.

A plot measuring 100m by 30m is to be offered as free-to-use allotments from March 1.

A total of 18 polytunnels will also be built with each one covering 13m by 10m as well as three large greenhouses.

There will also be an area to sell fresh fruit and vegetables and a couple of storage sheds.

It is hoped 100 horticulturists will take advantage within the first year with a view to a further 400 over three years in similar projects across the Island.