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Stewart Cloches

by Diane - January 30th, 2013.
Filed under: New Products.

Stewart Garden's Cloche RangeOver the past month we’ve all seen how unreliable British weather can be, see-sawing between snow, wind and heavy rainfall and unusually warm winter temperatures!

Avoid getting caught out, and have Stewart Garden’s cloches at the ready to protect your plants from adverse weather conditions.

· Available in different sizes tailored for your specific use, Stewart Garden’s cloches have a rigid and durable design, keeping both pests and the weather at bay from your plants.

· The large cloches are extendable, giving protection to areas as large as you need, and also have a controlled watering feature.

· End pieces are offered in this range for added plant security, or they could even be paired together to make a mini-cloche.

· If ventilation is of high priority for your plants, a set of cloche pegs may be used to elevate the cloches, allowing air to access them freely. Alternatively, the pegs can secure your cloches in strong winds.

Information about the cloches can be found here:

These look really useful all year round given the awful weather we had last year. Seedlings are often damaged as much by wind and rain as temperature so keeping the elements off seedlings and young plants is important too. If you use cloches you extend the growing season a little bit at each end – so if you use them during the spring don’t forget you can use them later in the year too.