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by Diane - January 30th, 2013.
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Vitelotte seed potato – later harvest salad potato

Potato Minituber ‘Vitelotte’ – 10 tubers
Maincrop. ‘Potato ‘Vitelotte’ is our own registered clone of this old French variety that probably originated in the early 1800s from Peru or Bolivia. ‘ With the same rich inky purple-black skin and flesh as ‘Congo’, but earlier maturing and with slightly larger tubers. ‘ This heritage maincrop variety has a nutty flavour and retains its colour most prominently if steamed in minimal water and not boiled. ‘Visually stunning for mash, chips, crisps, jackets and roast potatoes. ‘ Height and spread: 60cm (24"). ‘ These minitubers are micro-propagated in sterile conditions under stringent quality assurance controls to produce completely disease-free potato tubers. ‘ Once planted they will grow vigorously and produce good crops of normal sized tubers. ‘ This new technology provides secure long term storage of heritage varieties and allows rapid introduction of varieties, old and new. ‘