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10pc off fruit cages at Harrod Horticulture

by Diane - February 12th, 2013.
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Fruit cages mean you’ll get more of the fruit you grow! If you’ve discovered that birds love eating your soft fruit then the only solution is to cage it all off.
10% Off Fruit Cages at Harrod Horticultural

A well built cage will last for years and give your fruit the protection it needs from pests. They’ll keep birds and rabbits out for sure!

Steel Fruit cages
The steel fruit cages all have a 2m working height which means there’s plenty of room for taller fruiting plants.
Walk-In Steel Fruit and Vegetable Cages come complete with all fittings, heavy duty netting and one door unit as standard
10 year guarantee on fruit cage framework
Unique 25mm 1.5mm wall square steel framework galvanised and black polyester powder coated
Fruit Cage stands 2.0m above ground level
Designed and manufactured in-house
Uprights are inserted 0.3m into ground
Complete with 16mm x 16mm mesh extra heavy duty side netting
Anti-bird roof netting has a 18mm x 18mm diamond mesh
One fruit cage door unit is included complete with diagonal bracing support, magnetic door catch and heavy duty footplate
Door can be fitted on any side of the fruit cage
Additional door kits are available separately
Fully illustrated instructions included
Netting to prevent intrusions by rabbits and deer also available
This product is supplied as a kit for self assembly.

Aluminium fruit cages

Walk-In Aluminium Fruit and Vegetable Cages stand 2.0m above the ground
Aluminium tubing is inserted 0.3m into soil
Complete with one door unit as standard and 25mm round uprights and roof supporting top rods
Unlike other aluminium fruit cages on the market, top rods do not sag when tension is applied to the roof netting
Toprods are secured with flush fitting connectors
Widely regarded as the strongest aluminium fruit cage available
Framework carries a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee
Comes complete with 16mm square mesh side netting
Anti-bird roof netting keeps birds off your fruit and veg
19mm door frame is 970mm wide and comes complete with plastic locking hinges, spring clip door catch and separate door catch upright
Door can be fitted on any side and extra door kits are available separately
For very soft soil additional foot plates can be supplied
Braces are available to give additional strengh in exposed or windy locations
Fully illustrated instructions included along with an assembly tips DVD.
This product is supplied as a kit for self assembly.

Both steel and aluminium frames come with a 10 year guarantee.