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Growing things from kitchen scraps

by Diane - February 27th, 2013.
Filed under: General Gardening.

I’ve got some sprout cuttings growing in a ramekin and a cabbage stem. The cabbage is doing much better than the sprouts in terms of size.
Cabbage stem growing in water

sprouts growing in water

You can try this on other veg. Leek roots are supposed to grow – have got some in a pot in the greenhouse – will check on them soon.

Potatoes are well known for growing even from little peelings – my compost bin is often full of them!

Anything with a root base is probably worth a grow! Lettuces, lemongrass, spring onions, bulb Fennel, – just have a look at the veg you’re preparing and give it a try!

EDIT- October clearout of greenhouse revealed this ..