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Growing lovage

by Diane - March 6th, 2013.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds, Thompson and Morgan.

Lovage is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m tall. I’ve got some seeds which I’m going to sow shortly.

Thompson and morgan sell the seeds:

Lovage – Duchy Originals Organic Seeds – 1 packet (75 seeds)
Perennial herb lovage has a distinctive flavour that combines the savoury tastes of celery and anise. ‘ Use the young leaves in soups, stews and salads or cut the stems for crystallizing. ‘ Aromatic lovage seed can also be harvested for adding to savoury baked dishes. ‘ This tall hardy herb makes a useful addition to the back of borders and kitchen gardens. ‘ Height: 2m (79"). ‘ Spread: 1m (39"). ‘

And from suttons

Herb Seed – Lovage
A perennial whose leaves, stems, roots and seeds can all be used in salads, stews and casseroles.