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by admin - March 20th, 2013.
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AeroBins at Greenfingers

Two sizes of this composter that has a built in air flow system to ensure compost in the middle gets air to help it break down.

AeroBin 200 Compost Bin
Quick easy and rewarding composting with the AeroBin 200! You can regularly put a mixture of wet materials such as food scraps coffee grounds and lawn clippings together with dry materials such as leaves twigs and newspaper into the bin and because it breaks down material so fast the bin should always have plenty of room. Now you can contribute positively to the environment with aerated composting of house and garden waste rather than dumping your food scraps and garden waste in the garbage bin and adding to environmental problems. This AeroBin 200 is an advanced static home composter for both garden and kitchen waste featuring an aeration lung so no turning is required and insulated walls and lid which offer year round composting. Two access doors give you easy access to remove your mature compost and the flexibility in the positioning and location of your AeroBin.No manual intervention is required! It avoids the anaerobic breakdown of the biomass and the harmful greenhouse gases that are associated with an anaerobic environment such as landfill sites as the thermophilic heat generated during the aerobicbreakdown of the organic material is retained within the AeroBin and temperatureswithin the biomass are more constant for year round composting even at sub zerotemperatures.Due to the high operating temperatures than can be achieved most weeds seeds andpathogens if present will be killed. The moisture recirculation system helps to maintain moisture within the biomass which keeps the culture of micro-organisms at optimum levels which again ensures faster more effective composting.The AeroBin 200 saves water as healthy compost reduces evaporation and water required.There is also a Leachate reservoir for the collection of the liquid nutrients displaced from your biomass materials. All you need to do is dilute what is collected and you have a wonderful natural fertiliser for free. Rodent resistantReduces your carbon footprintReduces greenhouse gas emissionsAssembly instructions includedComposting Tips includedDimensions: approx. W51 x D51 x H117.5cmCapacity: 200 litresWeight: 13kgPlease note: when installing your AeroBin ensure it is placed onto a solid foundation – not soil or lawn.

Aerobin Composter – 400 Litres
A technological breakthrough in home and garden waste management Aerobin lets you dispose of your household and garden waste simply and cleanly while being greenhouse friendly too.The Aerobin couldn