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Compost aerator from dobies

by admin - March 20th, 2013.
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This compost aerator tool is useful for helping you stir the compost and get quicker results.
The lazy way of doing this is having the ball composter and rolling it about!

Compost Aerator
One of the essential elements in quickly generating good quality compost is to provide aerobic conditions for the bacteria that are doing all the hard work. With our compost aerator this is easily achieved. Simply push the tool into the heart of the compost heap, twist and withdraw – as you do so the hinged flaps open, stirring up the material and letting the air in. With an all steel construction, it is a strong, simple device, but very effective.

The CompoSphereR is a great new way not only to make your own top quality compost, but also to transport it around the garden. Its unique spherical shape and a tread with gripped ridges makes it easy to roll around, mixing the contents, and accelerating the speed at which the waste inside turns into compost. The, when you come to use the compost, you can roll it straight to where you need it! Made from tough, 100% recycled, UV-protected plastic, its two halves ‘nest’ inside each other for easy transport or storage (fixings included to secure the hemispheres), and it has an easy-to-use twist lid. 5 year manufacturers warranty. Diameter 1.3m (4’3). Capacity 315 litres. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.