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Three types of tumbler

by admin - March 20th, 2013.
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Tumblers will produce faster compost as they mix all the materials together and aerate the compost by the action of rotation.

Composphere 315L Tumbler
The Composhere Tumbler is a fun and easy way of making great quality compost quickly. The spherical design means it can be easily transported around the garden so you can keep it nearby while rolling it accelerates the composting process. Yet it also flat base to keep it steady. Aeration is key to the composting process. The bacteria requires oxygen to carry out the aerobic respiration which creates rich luxury compost. All you need to do it roll the tumbler to produce high quality compost. Make sure to keep the box closed during warm conditions to keep the soil moist. Made from 100% recycled UV protected plastic this is a great all-round composter system that can really take the pain out of composting. Complete with an easy to use twist lid this is a good alternative to conventional tumblers. Dimensions:W92 x 70cm high.

Large Compost Tumbler – 220 Litres
Take the strain out of composting with the Tumble Weed Compost Bin.The unique tumbling action speeds up the whole composting process simply fill with kitchen scraps grass clippings shredded garden prunings and tumble the bin regularly every 2-3 days. A stainless steel bar runs through the centre of the drum to help mix the contents and vented lids at each end maintain aeration.The balanced lightweight symmetrical design makes this compost bin very easy to use. Being off the ground ensures that air and moisture are evenly distributed by the tumble action creating ideal conditions for rapid decomposition and will not be accessed by rodents. Operating instructions includedA simple assembly is required using a Phillips screwdriver and a spanner (no instructions for this) and the Tumbleweed Compost Bin comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.Tumbleweed Compost Bin: 65 x 85 x 117cm high. Weight 10kg. Capacity: 220 litres.Please note: the central shaft is usually placed within one of the other shafts to prevent it being lost in transit

Greenfingers Heavy Duty Compost Tumbler – 190 Litres
Greenfingers Heavy Duty Compost Tumbler makes the process of composting a lot simpler! Ideal for kitchen scraps and organic garden waste you may well begin wonder why you didn