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Dobies gardening accessories

by admin - March 21st, 2013.
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Things to make you grow more easily!

The compost aerator will allow your compost to work more quickly and is less effort than turning the whole heap!
The rockdust is recommended by a friend as a must try! And the riddle is essential for getting really great compost from your heap for sowing in!

Compost Aerator
One of the essential elements in quickly generating good quality compost is to provide aerobic conditions for the bacteria that are doing all the hard work. With our compost aerator this is easily achieved. Simply push the tool into the heart of the compost heap, twist and withdraw – as you do so the hinged flaps open, stirring up the material and letting the air in. With an all steel construction, it is a strong, simple device, but very effective.

This 420 million year old, freshly crushed, finely ground volcanic dust has been found, in trials, to produce heavier crops with better flavour, higher nutritional content, longer storage life, better pest resistance and improved drought tolerance! Its extremely high mineral content actually improves the health of the soil, and it has also been found to speed up composting and produce better compost. Can be applied at any time of year. One 20kg bag is enough to treat 40msquared of soil.

Garden Riddle
Made in the UK, this steel garden riddle will provide years of faithful service. Its the perfect accessory to remove stones from soil, clean gravel for paths and sieve seed compost. Electrostatically sprayed in a mid brunswick green powder and then cured in a gas oven for an attractive and durable finish. 10mm mesh, diameter 35cm.