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Grow something different

by Diane - April 9th, 2013.
Filed under: DT Browns.

If you tend to grow the same things all the time it can be good to look at something a little different:

Okra Cajun Delight F1 Seeds
This essential taste of the deep south of America has been bred to perform well in our cooler climate, giving high yields of ‘ladies’ fingers’ of ‘bindi’. Pods retain their shape when stir-fried or add to casseroles to appreciate that unctuous texture.

Celtuce Seeds
Also known as stem lettuce or Chinese lettuce, the leaves and 2.5cm/1in diameter stems can be used either raw in salads or cooked. The stems are best peeled before use.

Winter Purslane Seeds
Claytonia perfoliata- High in Vitamin C, this American native is also known as miner’s lettuce, as it was widely eaten during the Californian Goldrush. Totally hardy, it is an excellent cut-and-come-again salad crop right through the winter months.

Cardoon Seeds
A ‘must’ in the walled kitchen gardens of the great houses of the Victorian era, when this tall cousin of the globe artichoke had its stems blanched like celery. This perennial is also valuable as an ornamental plant for the back of a border. Easy to grow and manage.

Samphire Seeds
Utterly delicious and not easy to find unless you live close to the coast, this wild plant of salty mudflats and the shoreline produces succulent tender shoots with a flavour reminiscent of asparagus, but a taste all of its own. It is nothing short of an absolute treat – we love it! Instructions given! Note: germination may be erratic.

Comfrey Seeds
Grow your own organic plant food, mulch and compost accelerator! Comfrey has often been described as a ‘wonder plant’ because of its many benefits and uses. The leaves can be steeped in water to make ‘comfrey tea’, which is an excellent food for many plants.

Celery Parcel Seeds
This resembles a flat-leaf parcel, but the foliage has a distinct celery flavour. Sometimes known as ‘leaf celery’, this vigorous biennial plant is great for flavouring a wide variety of dishes, including soups and casseroles.