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Bees in your garden

by Diane - April 22nd, 2013.
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Help bumblebees with these fantastic ideas from Crocus.
Bees have had a horrible year last year and the cold late spring this year isn’t going to help matters.

Bee and insect house
This bee and insect house can be free-standing or can be hung from a wall in full view from your garden. This powder-coated green combined bee design of the roof makes it an attractive addition to any garden. Dimensions: Height: 17cm

Bee nesting box with zinc roof
Encouraging Red Mason bees into the garden with a nesting box should help you get bumper crops of fruit and vegetables. This novel nesting box has a galvanized metal pitched roof and is packed with pieces of bamboo that provide the ideal nesting site. Made from FSC wood. The ‘solitary’ bee species that use these nests won’t swarm and the females will only sting if very roughly handled – the males cannot sting at all. Try to position your nesting box so that it gets lots of sun and angle it slightly so the water will not soak into the nesting holes every time it rains. You can attach it to a tree, fence or post (it is shown with an optional shepherds hook, which is available separately) close to a flowerbed or anywhere you think a bee might like to forage. Size: 15cm wide x 12cm deep x 20.5cm high

Beepol bumblebee lodge including the hive of Bees
The Beepol Bumblebee Lodge provides an attractive, long lasting, safe and secure home for the Beepol Bumblebee Garden hive. Based on traditional bee hive designs, the Beepol Lodge has been hand crafted in the UK from durable timber grown on FSC plantations. Bumblebee colonies do not continue through the winter in the same way as honeybees do, so each year a fresh new Beepol garden hive can be purchased and placed within the lodge, ensuring every summer you can enjoy the sight and sounds of British Bumblebees hard at work in your garden. The Beepol Lodge contains one Beepol garden hive, which can be replaced with a new one when the hive comes to the end of its life and the new queen bumblebees have dispersed. The Beepol Lodge has a hinged roof for access and for viewing the Bumblebee colony within. The Beepol Lodge has exit and entrance holes designed for the particular size and shape of Bumblebees and even a landing landing ledge for them to rest on, as they come back to to the hive with heavy loads of pollen. The Beepol Lodge incorporates wooden legs to keep the hive off the ground. The Beepol Lodge also has an option for attaching a mini wildlife camera, so you can see your bees at work from the comfort of your home! The Beepol Lodge is the ultimate wildlife feature for your garden, providing a fascinating permanent place of residence for your very own Bumblebee colony every summer. Information on the Beepol Garden Hive of Bees that is included with this Bumblebee Lodge

Beepol garden hive of bees
Enjoy the sight and sound of native bumblebees at work in your garden with the Beepol garden hive. Pollination is as important to gardeners as it is to farmers and growers, without it fruit and pod vegetables do not set and yields are reduced. Bees are probably the most important pollinating insect and their recent decline in numbers has been widely reported. Planting bee friendly plants will help attract many different bee species to your garden but now gardeners can introduce their own bumblebee colonies with Beepol! Beepol is a live colony of bumblebees Housed and supplied in a maintenance free hive Each hive contains a queen bumblebee, 30-40 workers (the workers will breed to give a few hundred workers) and bee food to get them started Beepol bumblebees are a native UK species Reared in disease free, hygienic conditions for release into British gardens and wildlife areas Each colony has a viewing panel under the lid for observation of the bees Bumblebees are released by an easy to use trap door system Beepol hives incorporate a “bee home” system that allows bees back into the hive and holds them for later release if needed Beepol bumblebees will pollinate a wide variety of plants outdoors including fruit and some vegetable plants. They also help maximise yields from greenhouse grown plants like tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. The Beepol hive has been designed to educate as well as pollinate! A clear viewing panel in the lid allows observation of the colony it develops, whilst the exit and entrance system enable you to watch the bees at work, as they bring pollen back to the hive. Bumblebee colonies do not continue like honeybee hives, so Beepol hives have a limited lifespan and will need replacing. However before the queen bee dies; she produces young queens that will leave the hive to hibernate before establishing fresh new colonies in the spring. Introducing BEEPOL bees to your garden will help reward the fruits of your labour through pollination and add a fascinating new area of interest to be enjoyed by all.