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by Sarah - May 17th, 2013.
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MowDirect just added hundreds of new products

Stiga Titan 740DC Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Titan 740DC Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £24955.00
Estate managers; golf-course keepers; and commercial landscaping contractors will all be seriously impressed by the hugely powerful and remarkably manoeuvrable Stiga Titan 740DC. Hard to beat when it comes to obstacle negotiation; it features a pivoting chassis that eliminates tail-swing, thereby allowing you to focus on the cutting-path without worrying about the back-end of the unit striking anything. This articulated steering system also minimises the turning-circle, in turn making it easy to realign at the end of each pass.The forward positioned cutter-deck on the Stiga Titan 740DC allows for safe and precise close-quarters cutting; and will enable you to mow under benches; shrubs; and low-hanging trees. You can specify your preferred deck-width (125cm; 135cm; 155cm), with all decks offering mulching and rear-discharge as standard. Tool-less deck-lift provides easy access to the undercarriage for cleaning and/or maintenance purposes; while electric height-of-cut adjustment means you can quickly adapt to the conditions without dismounting. Driving this beast of a machine is a 1331cc (22.2kW) Yanmar 3TNV82 three-cylinder diesel engine that’s characterised by its low-noise, low-vibration performance; and which meets Stage-3A EU emission requirements. Water cooling ensures an extended engine-life; while a 42-litre fuel-tank means you’ll be able to complete a full working day without having to stop for refuelling.The Stiga Titan 740DC Ride-On Lawnmower benefits from a permanently engaged hydraulic 4WD transmission, so you’ll have no issues traversing boggy ground; verges; and severe inclines. The ground-speed is adjustable in infinite increments and the transmission delivers a top transport-speed of 20km/h; and a top mowing-speed of 15km/h. Equipped with a factory-fitted cab with air-conditioning, the Titan 740DC can be used in all weathers, from driving rain through to scorching heat.It has a fully-welded steel frame at its heart, so it’s well-placed to cope with the rigours of heavy-duty commercial use; and Stiga have provided a powerful headlight for safe operation in low-light conditions.Not just a mower, the Titan 740D can be used with numerous implements, including a sweeper; front loader; and spreader.

Stiga Titan 740D Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Titan 740D Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £19315.00
Developed to take challenging golf-course-type terrain in its stride; capable of operating in areas with lots of closely-spaced obstacles; and compatible with a wide range of attachments, this heavy-duty commercial-grade ride-on from Stiga will excite even the most hardened pro landscaper.What really sets it apart from its competitors is its innovative articulating steering system, whereby the chassis pivots at the mid-point of the machine. This not only works to minimise the turning-circle for superior manoeuvrability; it also eliminates tail-swing, so you can concentrate on what’s happening forward of you, instead of worrying about the back-end catching on anything. The Stiga Titan 740D Ride-On Lawnmower benefits from a front-mounted mower-deck that provides access to space restricted areas (such as under bushes and low-hanging branches); and which facilitates safe and accurate close-quarter mowing. You can choose between three decks (125 / 135 / 155cm), all of which are both rear-eject and mulch-capable.Employing a permanently-engaged 4WD transmission, the Titan 740D will devour adverse terrain and can be used in the sort of conditions that would see a two-wheel-drive machine quickly become bogged-down. The drive is hydrostatic (infinitely-variable) and produces a top mowing-speed of 15km/h; and a top transport-speed of 20km/h.Power for this superbly well-appointed machine is supplied by a 22.2kW Yanmar 3TNV82 engine; a 1331cc three-cylinder diesel engine that’s compliant with Stage-3 emission requirements, and which is capable of driving Stiga’s expansive RM155 Discharge-on-Demand Multiclip deck.A fully-welded steel chassis confers impressive strength and longevity; while electric height-of-cut control means you can make performance-boosting adjustments from the comfort of your seat.Also featured is tool-free deck-lift, which makes it easy to expose the underside of the deck for maintenance and/or cleaning purposes; and an hour metre for keeping track of when the next service is due.A year-round workhorse, the Titan 740D is compatible with a range of attachments, including a spreader; sweeper; and front-loader.

Stiga Titan 540D Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Titan 540D Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £17145.00
This awesome commercial-grade ride-on from Swedish garden-machinery giants Stiga combines a 4WD go-anywhere capability with unrivalled manoeuvrability and the ability to achieve a cylinder-mower-style finish, so it’s ideal for country-house groundskeepers; golf-course managers; and those maintaining expansive paddock and orchard areas. It’s fitted with a three-cylinder water-cooled Yanmar 3TNV76 diesel engine that develops a massive 17.4kW and which is characterised by its superior fuel-economy and smooth, low-noise performance. The engine is Stage-3 emission-compliant and has been equipped with an immense 42-litre fuel-tank that will enable you to work all day without having to waste time refuelling.Because the chassis on the Stiga Titan 540D Ride-On Lawnmower articulates at the centre point of the front and rear-axles, you can be sure any obstacle you’ve cleared with the cutter-deck will also be safely cleared by the back-end of the machine – great if you’re working around a lot of obstacles.The Stiga Titan 540D is a front-cut mower, so you’ll easily be able to track the cutting-path; and areas under shrubs and low-hanging branches can be safely mown. Three deck sizes are offered, with all decks able to either mulch or rear-discharge your cut grass.Featuring a four-wheel-drive transmission with powerful hydraulic wheel-motors, the Titan 540D will take challenging weather-conditions and terrains in its stride.It has a hydraulic PTO, so deck-engagement is smooth and quiet; and the drive is hydrostatic, so ground-speed adjustments in both forward and reverse can be made in infinite increments.Constructed around a heavy-duty welded steel frame, the Stiga Titan 540D is well placed to cope with intensive day-in, day-out use in the professional arena.An hour-metre ensures you’ll know when a service interval is approaching; while tool-free deck-lift makes it simple to raise the deck for cleaning or maintenance.Compatible with numerous attachments, including a front-loader; snow-clearer; and gritter, this uniquely versatile machine is a useful tool outside of the mowing season too.

Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP Petrol Out Front Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower (with Manual- Dump Integrated Collector)

Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP Petrol Out Front Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower (with Manual- Dump Integrated Collector) £9895.00
An entry-level machine for commercial-scale mowing and fixed-attachment applications, the Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP offers the sort of effortless manoeuvrability; rugged construction-quality; and all-year-round versatility that all pro landscapers consider essential.Unlike most ride-on mowers, the Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP has an out-front deck, rather than the conventional mid-mounted type. This confers numerous benefits: firstly, the deck can be suspended independently from the tractor, allowing it to ‘flex’ and follow the ground contours for a comprehensive, no-scalp finish; secondly, you’ll be able to cut right alongside walls and fences, in turn eliminating follow-up strimmer work; and thirdly the driver’s view of the cutting-line is improved for greater precision. The powerful air-pressure that develops underneath the cutter-deck ensures a neat, vacuumed finish, with the maximum amount of clippings packed into the already cavernous 360-litre collector (a rear-discharge deflector is available).The Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP Petrol Out Front Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower is driven by a very high-powered 21hp Kohler Command twin-cylinder engine that employs the classic V-Twin configuration for a significant lessening of vibration; fuel-consumption; and harmful exhaust emissions. A low-oil-pressure warning alarm ensures you won’t damage key components having not realised an oil top-up is needed; while a remote Donaldson air-filter with Enginaire pre-cleaner serves to maximise the engine’s working-life.A zero-turn machine with Walker’s infinitely-variable Forward Speed Control technology, the Walker MCGHSCEU 21HP is arguably unbeatable when it comes to manoeuvrability – you’ll be able to zip in and out of those awkward nooks and crannies with ease. The steering and ground-speed are both controlled by ergonomic, fingertip-touch levers – there are no foot-pedals; gear changes; or steering wheels.Thanks to its wide-profile drive tyres, the Walker MCGHSCEU is surprisingly delicate on formal lawns, but develops enough traction to ensure you’ll have no trouble working in damp conditions, or on undulating ground. A quick-connect coupler on the PTO driveshaft makes it simple to set-up the machine for the next job; while the tilt-up body and deck work to ensure cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free. These attachments are available by special order: Implement Hitch; Operator Soft Cab; Rotary Broom; Loader Bucket; Single-Stage Snow-blower (36