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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - May 19th, 2013.
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Thompson & Morgan has these new lines today

Apple 'Isaac Newton' - 1 root wrap tree

Apple ‘Isaac Newton’ – 1 root wrap tree £33.99
The original tree associated with Sir Isaac Newton’s observations on gravity stood in the garden of his home - Woolsthorpe Manor; near Grantham. The tree is said to have fallen in a storm and has subsequently regrown on the site, and is still there to this day. It is from this tree that this Isaac Newton’s Tree has been propagated, offering a rare opportunity to grow a piece of history in your own garden. The variety is known as the Flower of Kent, and produces hefty cooking apples with an old-fashioned, bumpy shape. The green skin flushes red where the sun shines on it and the fruit cooks to a soft puree with a refined, sweet flavour. Fruit Tree Height to 3m (10’). Fruits early September to early October. Please note, fruit trees will be despatched as early as possible this autumn, once they have gone dormant and are in the ideal condition for lifting from the nursery and for transplanting by our customers