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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - May 22nd, 2013.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these products

Doff Tomato Feed 2.5 lItre

Doff Tomato Feed 2.5 lItre was £8.99 now £6.99
Grow delicious and juicy tomatoes with this Doff Tomato Liquid Feed. With its natural seaweed extract and micro-nutrients to stimulate germination rooting and general plant health you can ensure a healthy plant that is far better able to withstand any disease or pest infestation. This liquid feed also has nitrogen for healthy leaf growth phosphorus for strong roots potassium for an abundance of flowers and fruit as well as the liquid seaweed extract and magnesium.Use it with all your tomatoes whether you choose to grow them in the ground in grow bags in planters or under glass to encourage healthy plants to give you succulent delicious fruits. It promotes top quality full flavoured produce.Capacity: 2.5 litres

Classic Plant Pot Mover - Round

Classic Plant Pot Mover – Round was £12.49 now £9.99
This Classic Plant Pot Mover allows you to move heavy planters around your garden with ease. Made with durable cast iron and fitted with three strong wheels the Pot Mover is traditional in design and not only makes transportation easy but also allows you to redecorate your outdoor area without the need for heavy lifting. Circle so perfect for circle planters. Also keeping plant pots off the ground can help protect them from frost. Designed to hold plants with a weight up to 50kg. Measures approximately 29cm Diameter

Azteca Chiminea - Bronze

Azteca Chiminea – Bronze was £59.99 now £49.99
Invite friends around for an evening party in your garden and provide a warm and welcoming focal point with this bronze effect Chiminea. This traditionally styled chiminea has a rapid heat up and can burn charcoal wood coal or even smokeless fuel. It is perfect for creating a lovely ambience when entertaining your guests in the evening. Just imagine sitting around it and enjoying the pleasant heat.It also comes with a BBQ fork so should you become a little hungry you could always toast some marshmallows. A great accessory for any garden or patio and one that is robust and will last for years.The best way to care for your chiminea is to rub with an oily rag after each use. Should the surface start to rust simply scrape off the rust with a wire brush and treat with a heat resistant paint.Dimensions: approx. W39 x D39 x H89cm

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