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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - May 23rd, 2013.
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Loads of new items today at MowDirect

Oleo-Mac 106S/24H 4WD Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor

Oleo-Mac 106S/24H 4WD Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor £5499.00
Developed for landscape professionals and exacting domestic gardeners looking to put in lengthy stints at the wheel, this premium-quality garden-tractor from Oleo-Mac offers a desirable combination of superior build-quality; impressive driver-comfort; and outstanding manoeuvrability.Driving it is a seriously powerful 724cc Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine that has a dynamically-balanced crankshaft for smoother performance and therefore a longer engine-life; and which features an overhead-valve configuration for improved power-delivery and lower fuel-costs.A dual-sealing air-filter cartridge contributes further to engine-life; while a tool-free filter-cover makes maintenance hassle-free.The Oleo-Mac 106S/24H is a four-wheel drive machine, so you’ll be able to carry out mowing and towing applications on the sort of adverse terrain that would likely prove to much for a two-wheel-drive tractor to cope with.A self-locking differential automatically summons-up extra traction when you need it; while infinite-increment ground-speed control (hydrostatic) and a minimal 85cm turning-radius make it easy to negotiate obstacles and end-of-pass turns. Built to deliver season-upon-season of unfailing operation, the Oleo-Mac 106S/24H 4×4 Lawn & Garden Tractor has been equipped with a reinforced steel chassis; a heavy-duty front-bumper; and a cast-iron front-axle. It has a high-backed lumbar-support seat; convenient handbrake-style height-control; and assisted steering, so time-consuming jobs can be finished in comfort; and it’s supplied with a hugely roomy 360-litre catcher that works to save time by reducing the frequency of emptying-breaks (you can empty the collector without dismounting).Fitted with powerful headlights, the Oleo-Mac 106S/24H can be used safely in murky, low-light conditions.Also featured are wide-profile turf tyres, that will prove gentle on delicate lawn surfaces; and an extra-large discharge aperture that allows for efficient damp-weather grass-collection.

Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor

Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Heavy-Duty Lawn & Garden Tractor £3599.00
Any homeowner or commercial landscaper looking to work large expanses of land for long hours should take a good look at the feature-packed and exceptionally manoeuvrable Oleo-Mac 124S/22H.It’s equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 656cc twin-cylinder engine with a V-Twin configuration for low-noise, low-vibration operation; and overhead-valves for reduced emissions and improved fuel-economy. A Dura-Boreā„¢ cast-iron cylinder lining will withstand years of wear and abuse and works to optimise compression; while B & S’s Advanced Debris Management System proactively deflects dirt and debris away from critical components so as to significantly extend engine-life.Built to cope with season after season of intensive use, the Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Lawn & Garden Tractor boasts a cast-iron front-axle; a reinforced steel frame; and a protective front-bumper.It combines a remarkably tight 85cm turning-radius with an infinitely-variable foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic drive, so obstacle negotiation will be a breeze; and it’s supplied with an enormous grass-collector that will hold a huge 360-litres of clippings – emptying-stops will be few and far between (the catcher can be emptied from the driver’s seat).The Oleo-Mac 124S/22H Lawn & Garden Tractor has been designed for time-consuming jobs, so the Italian manufacturers have provided ideally laid-out controls; comfort steering; a luxury seat with lumbar-support; and handbrake-style height-of-cut adjustment.A large rear-ejection chute ensures you’ll be able to work in damp conditions without fear of blockages; while high-performance headlights make it possible to complete a job you began too late in the day.The corrosion-resistant 122cm-wide cutter-deck on the Oleo-Mac 124S/22H is made of heavy-duty alloy fitted with four anti-scalp wheels that prevent gouging when executing turns on undulating ground. Extra-wide-profile tyres with a special tread provide further turf-protection; while a fully-enclosed bonnet dampens engine-noise, in turn making the job more bearable for you and your neighbours.

Al-Ko Powerline T20-102 HDE Lawn Tractor

Al-Ko Powerline T20-102 HDE Lawn Tractor £2999.00
This superbly well-appointed German-engineered garden tractor from Al-Ko has been developed to make the job of very large-scale lawn-maintenance more of a pleasure rather than a tiresome, time-consuming chore. Under the bonnet lies a high-performance 13.4kW (656cc) Briggs & Stratton 20.0 Intek twin-cylinder engine; a commercial-grade power-unit that employs the classic V-Twin cylinder-layout so as to ensure exceptionally smooth; quiet; and fuel-efficient power delivery. The engine drives a hydrostatic transmission, which allows the tractor’s ground-speed to be adjusted in infinite increments using a foot-pedal – there’s no need to stop to shift gear, so obstacles and end-of-run turns can be carried-out with ease. The large-diameter, wide-profile drive-wheels will grip the turf without damaging the lawn surface, and provide stability when working on inclines. The Al-Ko T20-102 HDE Powerline Lawn Tractor is equipped with a massively capacious 300-litre grass-collector for exceptionally long intervals between each visit to the compost-heap. The collector has an audible collector-full alarm that works to prevent the discharge-chute becoming blocked; and it can be emptied electronically without leaving the driver’s seat (if the grass conditions are conducive, you can work with the mulch-plug fitted). Built around a tubular-steel space-frame, the Al-Ko T20-102 HDE is an impressively strong and durable piece of machinery. It benefits from a comprehensive dashboard display that makes it easy to keep track of performance and status (gear selection; grassbag fill-level; hour-meter; etc); and it features pair of powerful Xenon headlights that make it possible to operate safely in gloomy conditions. The extra-wide 102cm mower-deck on the Al-Ko T20-102 HDE guarantees a rapid work-rate on substantial grassed areas, and can be raised and lowered between 30 and 90mm to suit both the grass-conditions and the finish you prefer. Its user-friendly step-through design makes mounting and dismount simple; and all the controls are positioned directly to hand for maximum convenience.

Oleo-Mac 106S/16H Heavy-duty Lawn & Garden Tractor

Oleo-Mac 106S/16H Heavy-duty Lawn & Garden Tractor £2899.00
The Oleo-Mac 106S/16H is a premium-grade, European-built garden-tractor that’s characterised by its powerful performance; utilisation of only top-quality components; and nimble agility. It’s equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard twin-cylinder engine that employs the time-honoured V-Twin configuration so as to ensure minimal noise and vibration; and a marked reduction in fuel-costs.Pressure regulated oil-filtration and an industrial-grade pleated paper air-filter mean you can be sure of exceptional long-term reliability; while a high-efficiency head design optimises mixture preparation and tumble for fewer emissions and a smoother idle.The Oleo-Mac 106S/16H Lawn & Garden Tractor has been built with durability to the fore, with its heavy-duty front-bumper; cast-iron front-axle; and reinforced steel chassis together conferring outstanding longevity. It’s supplied with a robust pressed-steel cutter-deck, which is fitted with anti-scalp wheels for turf-protection; and it features handbrake-type height-adjustment, so it couldn’t be simpler to select any of the seven preset deck-positions. The deck also has re-inforced blade supports, bearings and screens that will enable this tractor to withstand years of intensive cutting. Featuring an infinitely-variable Tuff Torque hydrostatic drive and offering a turning-radius of only 85cm, the Oleo-Mac 106S/16H excels when it comes to manoeuvrability and obstacle negotiation.A luxury high-backed seat; neatly arranged controls; and comfort steering wheel combine to ensure high-levels of operator-comfort; while a hugely capacious 300-litre grass-collector (which can be emptied from the seat) makes it possible to cover a substantial lawn without repeatedly driving to you compost-pile to dump the contents. Thanks to its extra-large rear-ejection chute, the Oleo-Mac 106S/16H Lawn & Garden Tractor is highly efficient in terms of collection; and can be used in damp weather with no danger of the chute becoming blocked.Other key features include full headlights that facilitate safe mowing and towing in low-light conditions; and wide-profile turf tyres, which prevent the weight of the machine damaging delicate lawn surfaces.

Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Choice of Five Decks Listed)

Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Choice of Five Decks Listed) £2799.00
Bristling with high-end features; superbly well-engineered; and a delight to drive, this model sits proudly atop Stiga’s impressive Villa range of front-cut ride-on mowers.Great for use in residential areas and other noise-sensitive environments, the Stiga Villa SQ16 HST is driven by a very high-powered but nevertheless ultra-quiet-running 389cc Honda GXV390 engine with a stress-busting key-type ignition; and a cast-iron cylinder-sleeve for superior longevity. The engine develops a substantial 10.2hp.Thanks to its out-front deck design, the Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower doesn’t run-over the grass before it’s mown, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and neat cut. In addition, you’ll have a far better view of the cutting-path than you would with a mid-deck machine, so you’ll be able to mow with greater precision. Another stand-out feature on the Villa SQ16 HST is its hydrostatic drive, which delivers smooth, foot-pedal control of the mower’s speed in infinite increments in both forward and reverse gears – you’ll be able to zip in and out of awkward corners and negotiate obstacles with ease (a spinner on the steering-wheel further enhances manoeuvrability).An adjustable driver’s seat and sensibly placed controls combine to ensure time-consuming applications can be completed in comfort; while Stiga’s provision of ten preset blade-heights, adjustable between 25 and 85mm, facilitates the creation of a fine-tuned finish. Constructed around a rock-solid chassis that has a ten-year warranty, the Stiga Villa Super-Quiet SQ16 HST is hard to match when it comes to durability.The following decks are offered: 85cm; 95cm; 105cm; 95cm (with electric height-adjustment); 105cm (with electric height-adjustment).We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Stiga Park Compact 14 HST Ride-On Lawnmower with 95cm Combi Deck

Stiga Park Compact 14 HST Ride-On Lawnmower with 95cm Combi Deck £2799.00
This compact and exceptionally manoeuvrable ride-on mower from boundary-pushing Swedish brand Stiga is the perfect introduction to the world of articulated steering and out-front decks. Forward-mounted cutter-decks have many advantages over conventional mid-positioned ones. Firstly, you’ve got a clearer view of the cutting-path, so it’s possible to mow with a great deal more precision; secondly, the grass isn’t flattened prior to cutting, so the finish is more consistent; and thirdly you’ll be able to operate under benches and low-hanging trees – areas that would otherwise require follow-up work with a strimmer.The deck itself is a combi-type that lets you choose between rear-discharging or mulching cut grass, with the former great for rough, unkempt areas; and the latter ideal for the classic, ‘Wimbledon’-style British lawn.The Stiga Park Compact 14 HST Ride-On Lawnmower has been fitted with a high-spec 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine with AVS for enhanced driver-comfort and less wear and tear; and an overhead-valve for an improvement in fuel-economy and a reduction in sound-output and polluting exhaust gases.Combining genuine articulated steering with a smooth, clutch-free hydrostatic transmission that provides infinitely-variable speed-adjustment, the Stiga Park Compact 14 HST excels at obstacle negotiation.It has a ten-stage height-of-cut (25 – 85mm), so there’s a blade setting for whatever grass-conditions you’re confronted with; and foot-operated deck-lift, which means you won’t have to dismount to make the necessary adjustments. Electric key start does away with the hassle often experienced with pull-type recoil starters; while a roomy six-litre fuel-tank helps to improve productivity by keeping the frequency of emptying-stops to a minimum.We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck) £2604.00
Combining Swedish build-quality with Briggs & Stratton power and exceptional manoeuvrability, the Stiga Park Compact 16 HST will take substantial lawns and rough-grass areas in its stride.Its nimble agility is thanks primarily to its articulated steering, which gives a turning-circle of just 243cm, thereby enabling the operator to negotiate tight corners and awkward obstacles without fuss. Articulated steering also ensures the rear-wheels follow exactly the same path as the front-wheels – you won’t have to worry about what’s going on behind you as you work.The out-front mower-deck on the Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawnmower not only gives an unimpeded view of your desired cutting path, but also makes it possible to mow under benches, bushes and low-hanging branches. The deck offers rear-discharge and mulching as standard, so you’ll be able to achieve excellent results whether working on an unkempt paddock or a well-manicured lawn (the following deck-sizes are offered: 95cm / 105cm).The Stiga Park Compact 16 HST Ride-On Lawnmower boasts a hydrostatic drive that allows you to adjust the mower’s ground-speed in infinite steps without using a clutch – obstacles can be approached at a crawl; and unbroken straights can be covered in quick time.Giving you the choice of ten preset cutting-heights, this Swedish-designed ride-on can be set-up to perform effectively on pretty much any grass-type the British gardener is likely to encounter. It’s powered by a very high-performance 500cc Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 4155 with an anti-vibration system for reduced noise and wear; and an overhead-valve (OHV) for a significant reduction in fuel-costs and an extended engine-life.An adjustable seat ensures the mower is comfortable to drive for users of any stature; while a capacious six-litre fuel-tank means you won’t have to keep breaking-off to top-up.We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Stiga Villa 14 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Choice of 85cm or 95cm Deck)

Stiga Villa 14 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower (Choice of 85cm or 95cm Deck) £2399.00
Get your hands on top-quality European engineering and turn the job of large-scale lawn-maintenance into more of a pleasure than a chore with the impressively agile Stiga Villa 14 HST.It couldn’t be easier to control and manoeuvre, with its foot-pedal hydrostatic transmission enabling you to control the ground-speed rather like you would when driving an automatic car – the more pressure you apply to the pedal, the faster you go. When you release the pedal, the tractor will come to a stop; and when you push backwards, you’ll go into reverse – obstacle negotiation has never been easier.The Stiga Villa 14 HST Mulching Ride-On Lawnmower comes equipped with a very high-powered 344cc (7.5kW) Briggs & Stratton engine, which incorporates an electric key starter that will save both effort and stress. B & S’s AVS anti-vibration system makes for a smooth drive and helps minimise component-wear; while their overhead-valve technology works to lessen polluting exhaust-emissions; fuel consumption; and noise.Thanks to its forward-mounted mower-deck, which ensures the grass isn’t flatted-down by the wheels prior to cutting, the Stiga Villa 14 HST will leave behind an enviably neat finish. Front-cut decks also provide a better sightline, so you’ll be able to follow the cutting path with greater accuracy.A spinner on the steering wheel makes it simple to undertake very tight turns when they’re required; while a variable height-of-cut means changes in conditions can be easily and effectively dealt with.This model has ergonomically laid-out controls and features an adjustable seat and steering-wheel, so high-levels of user-comfort are guaranteed.Also featured in a rugged tubular chassis that’s so robust, it comes with a ten-year warranty.You can choose between two decks – 85cm or 95cm – both of which are Multiclip units offering both rear-discharge and mulching as standard. We offer a White Gloves delivery service with this product and will give a product demonstration upon hand over. This service is limited to England and Wales.

Al-Ko T16-102HD Edition Lawn Tractor

Al-Ko T16-102HD Edition Lawn Tractor £2349.00
Designed for heavy-duty mowing and towing tasks over very large areas, this top-of-the-range lawn & garden tractor from Al-Ko combines a hugely generous 102cm width-of-cut with an impressively powerful twin-cylinder engine (the most powerful in the ‘Edition’ range. The engine is a 656cc V-Twin unit from Briggs & Stratton. The V-Twin configuration has numerous advantages over conventional twin-cylinder layouts, including reduced vibration; improved fuel-economy; and vastly superior low-rev torque response. As you’d except from a B & S engine, starting is consistently reliable. The Al-Ko T16-102HD Edition Lawn Tractor gives the choice of six preset heights-of-cut (30 – 90mm), so you can select the one that will be most effective for any given grass-type. It has an impressively capacious 300-litre collector that can be easily emptied using a gas-assisted dump lever; and it’s been fitted with a heavy-duty bumper that works to protect the front of the tractor from impact-damage. Featuring a hand-operated hydrostatic drive, which gives you smooth, infinitely variable control of the ground-speed, the Al-Ko T16-102HD can be driven safely and accurately around garden obstacles. For optimum driver-comfort, Al-Ko have equipped this model with an ergonomically-contoured high-back seat.


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