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How to Grow Winter Vegetables

by Diane - May 30th, 2013.
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How to Grow Winter Vegetables – by Charles Dowding

Winter and early spring require a different kind of gardening to the summer months; not a lot grows at this time, but a well planned plot may nonetheless be quite full.

Vegetables need to be sown and planted at specific times so the book’s middle section is a monthly sowing, planting and growing calendar. The next part covers monthly harvesting adventures, from garlic in July to spring cabbage and pea shoots in may. through winter, soil is cool and transforms the plot into a large outdoor larder where many vegetables keep healthy and alive, ready for harvesting when needed. many salads can be grown in winter, especially with a little protection, such as from fleece and cloches

How to Grow Winter Vegetables
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Charles Dowding has not dug, except to clear perennial weeds and turf, for 25 years. An early pioneer of vegetable boxes, he has been growing organic vegetables since the 1980s, and has farmed in both Somerset and France.

He now crops almost an acre on intensive raised beds, runs gardening courses, and sells salad bags and vegetable boxes from his farm in Somerset.

Being able to feed yourself from your garden or allotment over winter is a really good plan! It does take some careful work though to make sure you start thinking about winter crops early enough. If you’ve left it to Novemeber then you’ve left it a tiny bit late!