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New products at Harrod Horticultural

by John - May 30th, 2013.
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Harrod Horticultural has this new item today

Ladybird Log Tower

Ladybird Log Tower £11.95
The Ladybird Log Tower Is A Natural Habitat To Encourage Ladybirds And Other Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden.ladybirds Have Long Been The Gardeners Ally As These Voracious Little Predators Along With Their Larvae Can Consume Thousands Of Aphids In Their Lifetime.made From Solid Fsc Birch And Larch Logs For Durability, The Tower Has A Hollow Central Chamber Filled With Natural Material To Provide Insulation And Security For Beneficial Insects.the Ladybird Log Tower Is A Fun And Interesting Addition To The Garden And Comes Complete With A Ground Pole Making It Easy To Site Into Lawns, Sheltered Flower Beds, Wooded Glades Or Even Planters. The Naturally Durable Timbers Require No Preservative.28cm High X 9cm Wide – 25cm Polemade From Durable Fsc Timber Logshollow Central Chamber Filled With Natural Material For Insulationdesigned To Enciurage Ladybirds (a Great Aphid Predator) And Other Beneficial Insectssite Out Of Prevailing Winds In A Warm Location Such As; Lawns, Shrub Beds, Planters, Or Wooded Glades Etc.roof Can Be Removed For Monitoring And Inspectionmaintenance Free – Made From Natural Timberweight 0.84kgsadditional Informationthese Products Are For Wild Creatures And As Such, You Should Not Expect Immediate Habitation. We Suggest You Carefully Read The Supplied Instructions For Siting And Provide This Product In A Suitable Habitat For The Target Species. The Product Can Then Be Re-visited 6 -12 Months Later, Or In The Appropriate Season, To See If It Is Being Used.if After 24 Months The Product Has Not Been Used, It May Be Worth Choosing An Alternative Location To Site It And/or Look To See What Improvements You Can Make To Provide A Suitable Environment For Your Target Species (flowers, Woodpiles, Rough Areas Of Garden Etc)because Many Species Of Creature Are Constantly Seeking Refuge And Safe Nesting Sites, You May Find That An Unexpected Species Is Using Your Product -this Is Part Of Nature And All Species Should Be Wel