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New products at PondKeeper

by John - June 1st, 2013.
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PondKeeper just added this new product

Oase Pondomatic 3 Pond Vacuum - FREE Gloves + Blagdon RCD

Oase Pondomatic 3 Pond Vacuum – FREE Gloves + Blagdon RCD £89.99
This pond vacuum is one of our top Spring 2013 offers.The Pondomatic offers very similar features to the acclaimed Pondovac Start. Brought to the market by Oase under their budget Pontec brand. The main difference is that this unit uses a timer switch for suction/draining. So it sucks for 20 seconds then switches off while it drains for 20 secs – then it reatarts.
A small price to pay for a £50 saving!Your FREE GitsThe RCD you will receive free is from Blagdon and designed particularly for outdoor garden use (worth £18.99).
The PondXpert Pond Gloves sell at £12.99 usually and keep your clothes clean when vacuuming.