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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 8th, 2013.
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MowDirect has these new items today

MD 10-Ton Vertical Petrol Log Splitter (Showroom Model)

MD 10-Ton Vertical Petrol Log Splitter (Showroom Model) £749.00
With high-spec’ features, functions and design and build quality belying its price, this powerful, petrol vertical log splitter is great value and will create a large stockpile of firewood for your wood burning stove or fireplace in no time at all, saving physical effort and time and keeping you warm in the coldest of winters. With a massive pressure per square inch output of 10 tons, courtesy of the meaty yet compact ZC OHV petrol engine which runs reliably and quietly, this log splitter is a real workhorse, able to crack open all kind of logs, even heavy, hard, green and knotted types with ease. Being a petrol splitter, you are not restricted by the availability of mains power and can, therefore, work anywhere, even miles from home as long as you have a fuel supply, so transport is important, and MD has ensured that this model is fitted with smooth-running, sturdy wheels and a handy transport handle, so you can move from workplace to workplace and then store it away safely when work is over. A vertical log splitter is more suitable for a wider range of logs than a horizontal, and in this model the adjustable base plate, on which the logs are placed for splitting, provides total splitting flexibility. The plate is adjustable to three positions to enable it to deal with differing sizes of logs efficiently. This means the ram never moves further than it needs to, to reduce energy use, save time and enhance your output. In position one tit will split logs up to 52cm in length, in position two, logs up to 78cm and in the final position will split logs as big as 104 centimetres long. Safe use of the MD 10-Ton Vertical Petrol Log-Splitter is, of course, a vital and to operate this model you have to have both hands simultaneously on the control levers, ensuring hands and arms are out of reach of the splitting action. The control levers have protective shields for even greater safety.

MD 7-Ton Petrol Vertical Log Splitter (Ex-Demo: 1 Hours Use)

MD 7-Ton Petrol Vertical Log Splitter (Ex-Demo: 1 Hours Use) £599.95
With this petrol log splitter you can avoid the restrictions of mains power and make your store of firewood wherever, and whenever, you like. Amazing value for money, with premium quality components and a whole host of features you would associate with much higher priced machines, the MD 7-Ton Petrol Vertical Log Splitter is versatile, powerful firewood making machine and will handle a wide range of logs, even coping with hard, knotted or green wood. Powered by a high-spec’, high-performance petrol engine from industry leaders Briggs and Stratton, easy to start, quieter and very reliable, this MD Petrol Splitter exerts a full 7 tons of splitting pressure per square inch and, as it is a upright, or vertical, machine, can handle logs of various different sizes. The base plate, on which the logs stand, can be adjusted to three positions depending on log length. Position 1 deals with logs up to 52cm, position 2 up to 78cm and in position 3 logs as long as 104 centimetres can be split. This three-position system offers versatility but also is useful economically and logistically. If you have smaller logs you use the lower setting and the distance travelled by the hydraulic ram to the splitting wedge is lowered, saving energy and time. This may not seem like much but if you are making a large quantity of logs, it will be noticeable. One of the advantages of a petrol log splitter is its ‘go-anywhere’ potential so this model is fitted with smooth-running transport wheels and a transport handle, so you can move from area to area with ease and then to your storage space when the work is done. Safety is paramount with such a powerful tool so this model is fitted with two-handed operation. Both the user’s hands have to be on the control levers and therefore out of the way of the ram and e-wedge before the mechanism can be activated and used. For extra protection, e.g. from flying chips, the control levers are fitted with hand shields. For even more safety, the logs are held in place with specially designed clamps when log splitting is in progress. This top-quality, great value log splitter comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty and is exclusive to MD.

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start - Code: 412 (Shop Soiled: Some markings)

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed & Electric Start – Code: 412 (Shop Soiled: Some markings) £529.00
From the pioneering manufacturers of the world’s first production rotary-mower, this feature-packed rear-roller machine will come into its own in hands of the more exacting domestic gardener. It has a self-propelled drive and a narrow 41cm cut, so is perfect for smaller lawns with areas that might be difficult to traverse with a hand-propelled model. Power for the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive comes from a premium-quality Briggs & Stratton engine from the American manufacturer’s acclaimed 650-Series. This high-performance 190cc four-stroke power-unit develops an impressive 5hp and features an electric starter for effortless, trouble-free ignition every single time. An aluminium cylinder-lining and an automotive-style pleated paper air-filter combine to maximise engine-life. At the heart of the Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower is a cast aluminium chassis that confers lightweight strength and long-term corrosion-resistance. Durability is further enhanced by a cutter-bar friction disc that prevents crankshaft and engine damage should you accidentally contact an immoveable object. This superbly well-equipped roller-mower has been furnished with a variable-speed transmission, which has two clear advantages over a standard single-speed drive – firstly you can select a ground-speed that’s most appropriate for the conditions; and secondly you can operate at a pace you find comfortable. The forward-speed can be adjusted between 1.5 and 3mph. In order to ensure optimum performance in terms of both cut and collection, the Harrier 41 Autodrive has been fitted with a series of aerodynamic front-mounted fins. It’s supplied with a high-volume 53-litre grassbag, so you’ll be able to pack-in plenty of cut-grass between stops; and it has an OPC (Operator Presence Control), which guarantees the safety of the operator and other people near the mower.

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed - 413 (Showroom Model)

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed – 413 (Showroom Model) £479.00
If you own a smaller lawn with banked sections, or simply don’t fancy hand-pushing your lawnmower, then this compact power-driven model from Hayter is well worth considering. Key amongst numerous high-end features is its 190cc 650-Series engine from globally acclaimed U.S. manufacturers Briggs & Stratton. Rated at an impressive 5hp, these powerful four-stroke units feature an automotive-style pleated paper air-filter for an extended service-life; and a float-feed type carburettor for reliable first-time starts. They also employ B & S’s ReadyStart technology, which eliminates the need for manual fuel-priming and choke application. Thanks to its aerodynamic front-mounted fins; heavy-duty metal blade; and ABS plastic under-deck lining, the Hayter Harrier 41 is capable of achieving a superb cut in any conditions. It gives you the choice of seven preset cutting-heights (13 – 60mm), so you can create a fine-tuned finish; and it’s equipped with a cutter-blade friction disc, which stops the crankshaft from bending should the blade hit a solid object. The Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower has a variable-speed power-drive, so you can work at a pace which suits both the grass-conditions and your preferred walking speed. It’s fitted with a full-width ribbed rear-roller for stable edge-work and a clearly delineated lawn-stripe; and it’s supplied with a high-capacity grass-collector (53-litre) that works to significantly reduce the number and frequency of emptying-stops (the collector is made from fabric, so will take-up almost no space in the shed). This 41cm model also features a fail-safe ‘deadman’s handle’ (OPC), which works to ensure the safety of the operator and those in the vicinity.

Ardisam Earthquake CS6V Petrol Chipper-Shredder (Ex-Demo: 5 Hours Use)

Ardisam Earthquake CS6V Petrol Chipper-Shredder (Ex-Demo: 5 Hours Use) £449.00
The U.S.-built Ardisam Earthquake CS6V features dedicated chipper and shredder mechanisms, and so provides the ideal all-in-one solution to the problem of large-scale garden-waste management. The chipper system comprises two chipping-knives that will turn even large-diameter branches (up to 50mm) into woodchips that can be spread around the base of plants for winter frost-protection. The unique design of the chipper-intake ensures branches are literally pulled into the cone, so you can be ready with the next one as quickly as possible. The shredding mechanism (for softer green waste) employs a series of free-swinging triangular hammers which ensure power is focused at the point of impact for outstanding mulching performance (the reduction ratio is an impressive 20:1). The hammers are reversible, so it will be a long time before they need to be sharpened. The Ardisam Earthquake CS6V Petrol Chipper-Shredder is driven a very high-performance 6hp Viper engine, power from which is transferred via a perfectly balanced direct-drive rotor for less vibration and therefore reduced wear. It comes with a capacious 70-litre collection-bag, so you’ll be able to process plenty of material between each trip to the compost-pile; and it sits on a pair of large wheels that work with its low centre-of-gravity to make it stable, both when stationary, and when being towed. This already versatile machine can be made even more so with the purchase of the optional vac-kit.

MD 5.5-Ton Electric Vertical Log Splitter (Showroom Model)

MD 5.5-Ton Electric Vertical Log Splitter (Showroom Model) £349.95
Ready to create easy to handle, useable firewood for your wood burner or stove, the MD 5.5-ton Electric Vertical Log Splitter will save you time, back strain and cold hands while creating a store of wood with its hydraulic ram splitting large logs against the rugged, splitting wedge With its powerful, clean, quite and maintenance free 2800 watt electric motor and many helpful and practical features, this 5-5ton Log Splitter offers very good value for money indeed and is exclusive to Mow Direct. This model will handle both hard and soft woods, making it a versatile and economic machine and the base plate has three different positions, meaning it can handle many different sized logs with ease. In position one logs up to a maximum length of 540 millimetres can be split, in position two logs up to 790mm and in position three logs with a generous maximum length of 1050mm can be dealt with. The recommended maximum diameter across the board is 320mm. Safety is of the utmost importance when using a powerful machine like this, so the inclusion of two-handed operation is a welcome feature. Special clamps are designed to hold the logs in place during the splitting operation and the log Splitter will not work unless both hands are on the controls, keeping them well away from the splitting mechanism when it is in action. Shields are also in place to protect the hands and arms while on the controls. The MD 5.5-Ton Vertical Electric Log Splitter is designed to be lightweight and manoeuvrable so you can move around to work in different areas, or store the machine away from the working area. For this purpose it is fitted with smooth running wheels and a specially designed transport handle. To ensure your safety while using, there are shielded levers for operation of the splitting action and both have to be operated at the same time with both hands, making sure your hands and arms are well away from the wedge and ram while moving. Special clamps hold the logs in place during the splitting action. A One-Year manufacturers guarantee is included with this model.

Masport 500 AL Push Lawnmower (Showroom Model)

Masport 500 AL Push Lawnmower (Showroom Model) £319.00
The Masport 500 AL Push Lawn Mower is a premium-quality machine, with a very high-performance 190cc Briggs & Stratton XVS675 engine and an ultra-tough aluminium deck, which comes with an unbeatable 15-year warranty for domestic use. As with all Briggs & Stratton power-units, this easy-starting engine is clean-running, fuel-efficient and offers exceptional long-term reliability. Thanks to its push-type design and relatively compact 46cm cutting-width, this model is very easy to control and manoeuvre. When used without its grass-collector, the Masport 500 AL becomes a side-discharge machine, ideal for use on longer grass. Clippings are thrown clear of the mower via Masport’s Smart Chute, which spreads the clippings evenly, with no clumping. Masport’s Quick-Cut blade reduces mowing time by up to 15-percent, and allows you to work effectively in damp conditions. The blade itself can be adjusted between 10 and 70mm, allowing you to fine-tune your finish. Clippings are collected in a generous 46-litre catcher, which has full-width ventilation for improved air-flow and reduced clogging. This superbly engineered machine also features a new ‘Ergo’ handle, which can be set at the most comfortable position for the operator’s height; and a fail-safe Operator Presence Control, which cuts the engine within three seconds when the handle is released. Twin ball-bearing wheels maximise longevity and ensure the mower runs smoothly over the ground.

Einhell RG-PM 51S 4-in-1 Hi-wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower (Ex-Demo: 2 Hours Use)

Einhell RG-PM 51S 4-in-1 Hi-wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower (Ex-Demo: 2 Hours Use) £289.95
This 4-in-1 petrol lawnmower from Einhell offers premium class features and cutting edge German engineering at an affordable price. It’s new and exclusive to MowDIRECT this season. Equipped with an extremely powerful 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine and featuring an extra-wide 51 cm cutting width, the Einhell RG-PM 51S is suitable for even the largest of gardens. It has a 4-in-1 design allowing you to employ the best cutting method for the job at hand. In collection mode you can achieve a neat and tidy finish on formal lawn areas whilst mulching provides you with added versatility in drier conditions by giving you the option of recycling the grass clippings back into the turf. Rear-discharge mode is ideal for rougher areas and there is a side-eject feature for when tackling really long grass and doing bank work. The high wheels at the rear of this mower provide added stability on uneven ground and aid manoeuvrability. All four wheels have extra-wide treads to help protect your turf and feature ball bearing for smoother motion. Other premium class features include a grass full indicator on the collection box. This useful device helps you to work more efficiently by ensuring you only stop to empty a full box of grass. It will also prevent messy clumps of grass being left on your lawn as a result of overfilling. Operator comfort has been a key consideration in the design of this lawnmower. The handles are padded for a more pleasurable feel and a surer grip. They can also be set to three separate heights to suit the size of the operator and help prevent back strain. A centrally controlled height-of-cut adjuster has a light touch design making it simple and easy to change the cutting height of the mower. This produces better results and saves precious time. The Einhell RG-PM 51S Lawnmower is the best value product in its class and has been built to last. Its housing is made of sheet steel for added robustness and the powder coated paint finish will help ensure it retains a stylish appearance. As a special offer, MowDIRECT is supplying this product at a specially reduced price.

Mountfield Princess 38Li Cordless 4-Wheel Rear Roller Lawn Mower (Ex-Demo: 1 Hour Use)

Mountfield Princess 38Li Cordless 4-Wheel Rear Roller Lawn Mower (Ex-Demo: 1 Hour Use) £279.00
The Mountfield Princess 38Li Cordless Four-Wheel Rear Roller Rotary Mower has an excellent, up to date, Lithium Ion battery to provide you with all the advantages of a petrol-powered machine, including cable free cutting and the freedom to mow anywhere in the garden, with the quiet and no maintenance advantages of an electric mower. Lithium ion batteries offer more power for less charging time and this model gives you 36v 2.6AH DC power with enough charge to cover an area of 300m2 and a short charging time of 3 hours for more mowing and less waiting. An integrated rear-roller delivers the neat and smart striped finish so loved by lawn aficionados and this, combined with 3-in-1 mowing (collection, mulch & rear-discharge), makes the Mountfield Princess 38 Li a really versatile machine at an affordable price. Lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its strong, corrosion proof, polypropylene deck, the Mountfield Princess 38Li is ideal for small to medium gardens, with its 38 centimetre cutting width, and offers loads of mowing flexibility thanks to its six-position, centrally controlled cutting height adjustment. This gives a wide choice of cutting heights from 25cm to 74cm. High rear wheels keep the mower stable even when turning and deliver a nice, tight turning radius as well as ensuring a smooth run across the lawn, while an innovative grass comb at the front of the cutting deck separates grass blades in advance of the cutting deck to help keep the cut smooth and even. The tough, waterproof plastic grass collector has a capacity of 40Litres so you don’t have to stop so often to empty and further convenience is offered by the foldable handles, making easy storage and transport possible Operation is carried out by a full bail arm, making it easy to keep control convenient even when operating with one hand and the handle also has an ergonomically moulded grip for added comfort.