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Mega plants at Jersey plants direct

by Diane - June 10th, 2013.
Filed under: Bedding plants, Jersey Plants.

All the plants seem to be racing to catch up and it’s never too late to plant some flowers.
JPD’s experts have specially developed these amazing BIG new plants for quick, colourful displays in all aspects of your garden!

These Mega plants are fantastic value for money with 12 Mega plants for just £9.99 and can be planted straight out into the garden for instant inpact.

Gazania Firecracker 12 Mega Plants
Stunning brightly coloured gazaniasThese stunning brightly coloured gazanias have large daisy-like flower heads. Each flower has a variety of colours on the petals. The flowers will be borne throughout the summer. The Gazania Firecracker is good in dry conditions and is salt tolerant so ideal for seaside conditions. Plant in full sun to ensure to see this plant at its best.

Geranium Parade 12 Mega Plants
Colourful long lasting displays from this favourite geraniumThese beautiful Geraniums will bring lasting colour to your garden throughout the summer. The large flowers in reds and pinks will brighten your borders from June to October. An old favourite and a well loved Geranium!

Bacopa Snowtopia Bluetopia Mix 12 Mega Plants
An Abundance of Blue and WhiteThis Bacopa Mix is an excellent accompaniment for your hanging baskets and patio pots and is also ideal for garden borders. This mix will produce an abundance of blue and white tiny flowers which cover the whole plant.

Lobelia Royal Blue 12 Mega Plants
Beautiful Plants in Imperial Shades of BlueThis Lobelia produces masses of beautiful tiny flowers that spread into mounds at the front of your borders. They are an excellent plant for your summer patio pots and borders, but will look just as superb filling those gaps.

Busy Lizzie (Impatiens) Double Deluxe 12 Mega Plants
Beautiful double flowering ImpatiensImpatiens, commonly known as Busy Lizzies, are a beautiful example of a bedding plant. They are renowned for their long lasting colour and perfect for window boxes and patio containers. This Impatiens Double Deluxe has lovely double flowers and spreads well so will provide good coverage to your borders.

Petunia Grand Prix (Semi Trailing) 12 Mega Plants
Best selling Trailing Petunia will not fail to delightPetunias have colourful flowers that will bring masses of interest throughout the summer. This Petunia Grand Prix has a mix of pink, red and rose flowers with dark centres and will cascade beautifully over the sides of your hanging baskets.

Petunia Bolero 12 Mega Plants
A pretty double flowered PetuniaPetunia Bolero is a pretty double flowering bedding plant that will bring long lasting displays to your summer garden.

Begonia Sparkle (Trailing) 12 Mega Plants
Fabulous colours and perfect for your hanging basketsBegonia Sparkle has a fantastic array of colours, and is perfect for cascading over the sides of your hanging baskets.

Begonia Sahara 12 Mega Plants
An attractive delicately flowered begoniaBegonia Sahara has clusters of small flowers in red and pink colours on top of attractive bronze and green foliage. It has good all weather tolerance and impressive flowering habit. They are ideal for your summer tubs and baskets.

Begonia Destiny 12 Mega Plants
An established favourite with our customersOur best selling Begonia Destiny is an established favourite. This strong upright bedding plant has fully double flowers in a colourful mix of red, orange and yellow. It is a profuse flowering plant and will provide colour in your garden all summer long.

Geranium Fire Queen 12 Mega Plants
Our best selling geranium with beautiful large red flowersThis classic large flowered red geranium is a beautiful example of a geranium. The red flowers stand proud of the green coloured leaves, giving a lovely backdrop to the large flowers. Geranium Fire Queen is good in dry conditions and will bloom throughout the summer.

Begonia Compacta 12 Mega Plants
A New Compact Non-Stop Flowering BegoniaThis amazing compact variety of Begonia simply won’t stop flowering! Begonia Compacta is great in all types of weather including wet and damp. This makes it ideal for those stereotypical British Summers.