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Price reductions at Harrod Horticultural

by John - June 12th, 2013.
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Harrod Horticultural has cut the price of hundreds of products

Plantarium Root Care Pots

Plantarium Root Care Pots was £0.25 now £0.12
The Plantarium Root Care Pots Are Transparent Plant Pots Designed To Support Themselves In Your Existing Houseplant Container; Simply Lift The Plantarium Pot By Its Tabs To Reveal The Progress Of Your Plant Root Development And Condition Of Its Soil. Symptoms Including Over Or Under Watering, The Need For Repotting Or The Presence Of Root Rot And Diseases Can Be Easily Spotted.the Free Guide Included Provides Very Helpful Advice And Tips On What To Look For And What Action To Take For Your Plant.gpr-192 Root Care Pot 13cm – Was 0.99 – Now 0.55gpr-193 Root Care Pot 15cm – Was 1.19 – Now 0.75gpr-194 Root Care Pot 18cm – Was 1.70 – Now 0.95gpr-195 Root Care Pot 21cm – Was 2.60 – Now 1.85simple, But Clever – Give Your Plants An Instant Health Check By Examining The Rootsplantariums Are Available Individually (10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 18cm And 21cm)this Is A Great Pot For Orchids Which Like Their Roots In The Lightplantarium Root Care Pots Come Complete With A Free House Plant Healthcheck Guidedownload A Copy Of The House Plant Healthcheck Guide

Aluminium Tubing 12mm

Aluminium Tubing 12mm was £1.25 now £0.42
This 12mm Aluminium Tubing Is Ideal For Building Your Own Cage And Our Variety Of Lengths – Ranging From 0.6m (2ft) To 2.75m (9ft) – Opens Up A Vast Amount Of Vegetable Protection Cage Permutations. the Strong Aluminium Tubing Has 1.2mm Wall Thickness For Crating Strong Frames And All Lengths Are Compatible For Use With The Build-a-ball Or Swivel Clip Connectors.youll Have A Simple, Cost-effective Solution To Crop Protection And Wont Have To Spend Valuable Gardening Time Hunting Round For Bamboo Canes Ever Again!use Build Your Own Cage Aluminium Tubing With Our Build-a-ball Connectorsuse The 12mm To 16mm Tubing Converter So The Tubing Can Be Used With Our Harrod Slot Lock Connectors12.7mm Diameter Tubing Available In Lengths Ranging From 0.6m (2ft) To 2.25m (7ft 4″)tubing Available Individually Or In Extra Value Sets Of 41.2mm Wall Thickness On All 12.7mm Diameter Tubingcan Be Used To Construct A Wide Range Of Frames Including Pea, Bean, Sweet Pea And Climbing Supportscompatible For Use With The Swivel Clips

Organic Brussels Sprouts Igor Seeds

Organic Brussels Sprouts Igor Seeds was £2.95 now £0.80
Organic Brussels Sprouts Igor Seeds Grow To Approx 3 Feet And Produce Medium Green, Tender And Firm Round Buttons Which Are Great For Cooking Or Freezing. Each Igor Brussel Sprout Plant Can Produce 60-70 Sprouts Each And Has A Great Tolerance To Frost. These Brussel Sprouts Prefer To Be In Firm And Fertile Soils With Some Organic Matter, This Ensures You Get The Best Crops From Your Plants. Supplied In A Pack Of 40 Brussel Sprout Igor Seeds Are Supplied In A Pack Of 40.certified Organic By The Soil Associationproduces Medium Green, Tender And Firm Round Buttonsfantastic Flavorstem Grows To Approx 3ft Long

Organic Lettuce Romana Bionda

Organic Lettuce Romana Bionda was £2.45 now £0.80
The Organic Lettuce Romana Bionda Is An Upright, Tightly Wrapped, Crunchy And Tasty Lettuce Used To Make The Popular Caesar Salads In America.the Organic Lettuce Is Supplied In Packs Of 3000 Seeds And Can Be Sown February To May And July To September Avoiding Summer Lettuce Romana Bionda Is A Tightly Wrapped Lettuce Ideal For Caesar Saladssupplied In Packs Of 3000 Seedssow From February To May And July To September

Organic Beetroot Detroit

Organic Beetroot Detroit was £2.45 now £0.80
The Organic Beetroot Detroit Is A Round Heirloom And Very Traditional Variety That Has A Lovely Earthy Flavour.beetroot Is A Relatively Easy To Grow Vegetable Which Can Be Sown From March To July And Can Be Harvested Young For Baby Beets Or Left To Develop Into Fully Grown Beets. dont Forget To Leave An Inch Of Stalk When Boiling So The Colour Doesnt Bleed Into The Cooking Water!traditional Variety With Lovely Earthy Flavour.sown March To Julyharvest Young For Baby Beetswhen Thinning Out Use Baby Leaves For A Tasty And Colourful Addition To Salads

Organic Courgette Genovese

Organic Courgette Genovese was £2.45 now £0.80
The Organic Courgette Genovese Produces Light Green Fruits With A Lovely Creamy Flavour And Regular Harvesting Will Encourage Fruiting Throughout The Season.the Organic Seeds Are Supplied In Packs Of 30 And Can Be Sown From January To July With Fruit Ready To Be Picked 10-14 Weeks From Sowing.courgettes Are Relatively Easy To Grow, Picking The First Fruits Small Will Enourage Further Fruiting. Courgettes Can Be Thirsty Plants So Make Sure They Receive Regular Courgette Genovese Produces Light Green Fruits With Creamy Flavour30 Seeds Per Packsow January To July

Organic Borlotti Bean Lingua Di Fuoco

Organic Borlotti Bean Lingua Di Fuoco was £2.45 now £0.80
Dwarf Organic Borlotti Bean Lingua Di Fuoco Is A Shelling Bean Ideal For Using In Winter Dishes Such As Stews, Casseroles And Soupsthese Organic Borlotti Beans Are Supplied In Packs Of 40grams And Can Be Sown From March To July With Harvesting From June To October.supplied In Packs Of 40gramsorganic Borlotti Beans Ideal In Stews, Casseroles And Soups

Organic Dundoo Courgette Seeds

Organic Dundoo Courgette Seeds was £2.20 now £0.80
Delicious When Harvested Small, Courgettes Are A Sun-worshipping Vegetable Which Should Have A Place In Any Vegetable Garden Of Repute – And When You Consider They Are Simple To Grow And Each Plant Will Throw Out Fruit Non-stop From Early Summer Right Through To Autumn, Then The Organic F1 Dundoo Is A Garden Must! Supplied In Packets Of 10 Seeds, F1 Dundoo Courgettes Are Shiny And Dark Green, And The Open Habitat Of The Plant Makes The Task Of Regular Harvesting Easy.supplied In Packets Of 10 Seedsseeds Certified Organic By The Soil Associationf1 Dundoo Has A High Level Of Tolerance Against Both Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus And Powdery Mildewseeds Require A Minimum Of 13c To Germinate – Around 20c Is Idealplant Out During Late Spring And Early Summerplants Will Need Regular Watering To Help Produce Fruitchoose A Sunny Position For Plantingprepare A Soil Rich In Organic Matter For Best Resultsharvest Courgettes When They Are Roughly 10cm Long For Best Tasteremove Fruits Regularly To Encourage Heavy Croppingsow Into Bio-degradable Pots To Reduce Root Disturbanceallow 90cm Between Both Plants And Rowsplants Have A Trailing Habit

Organic Bendigo Pepper Seeds

Organic Bendigo Pepper Seeds was £2.10 now £0.80
Producing A Blocky Shaped Sweet Pepper You Can Enjoy Rather Than One Which Lurks In Salads, Stir-fries And Other Dishes And Threatens To Blow Your Taste Buds Sky High, Our Organic Bendigo Pepper Seeds Are Ideal For Gardeners Keen On Introducing This Popular Summer Crop To Their Kitchen Garden And Allotment Growing Rotas. The Large Fruits Are Produced Uniformly Throughout The Summer Season And Bendigo Is Renowned As A High Yielder, Pushing It Into The Higher Echelons Of The Block Pepper Growing Wish List.fruits On This Strong Growing, Open Habit Variety Start Off Green But Ripen Into A Stunning Shade Of Scarlet, Sweetening All The Time. Start Organic Bendigo Pepper Seeds Off In A Propagator Or Under Glass Early In The Year And Only Plant Out At The End Of May When The Risk Of Frost Is All But Over. Perfectly Suited To Growbag And Container Growing, Organic Bendigo Pepper Seeds Are Supplied In Packets Of Bendigo Pepper Seeds Supplied In Packs Of 5certified Organic By The Soil Associationproduce Block Shaped Sweet Peppersideally Suited To Growbag Or Container Growingwill Need A Heated Propagator For Early Sowingsfruits Begin Green And Gradually Turn Redpeppers Taste Sweeter The Longer They Remain On The Plantpick Regularly To Increase Yieldsopen Habit For Easy Picking Of Fruitresistant To Both Sunscald And Blossom End Rot


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