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Green Duck Tape

by Diane - June 25th, 2013.
Filed under: General Gardening.

An essential in the gardener’s toolkit! It’s so useful that once you’ve got a roll in your kit you’ll wonder how you managed without it. It has tons of uses in the garden. You can use it for bundling up canes at the end of the season to stop that chaotic giant game of pick up sticks that happens with any pile of garden canes.

Useful hints for using duck tape – cut a piece twice as long as you want and then fold it almost back on itself but leave a sticky tab exposed at one end. Then you’ve made a tie wrap to wrap around things and stick to itself but not to everything you are tieing up!

It’ll be useful for any emergency repairs – if your bean canes come undone then fix them back together with green duck tape. If you have a snapped cane then you can repair it by wrapping duck tape around it a couple of times. You can overlap canes and fix them together to make longer canes too!

If you’ve got a polytunnel that’s taking a hit in the recent winds then you can use the tape to repair it. All the polytunnels on our allotment site are green so the tape will blend in well on any of them!

On a personal note – The tape came in very useful for my wedding. I’d got a bouquet of flowers that I was planning on having ribbon round to hold – but they needed fixing together! I have black and grey tape I could have used, but it made much more sense to use the green duck tape!
It wound round them easily and secured them so the ribbon could be fixed on.

Bouquet with green duck tape

Duck tape is great stuff! It’ll come in hand in the house and in the garden! You’ll wonder how you managed without it!
Green Duck Tape is waterproof and temperature resistant, so it’s great for 100’s of discreet repairs and fixes in the garden or indoors.
Here’s it being used to hold a sapling to a tree stake.
Using duck tape to tie tree to stake